Seaboard Coast Line

Nos. 1 and 2 (Miami-Richmond, Virginia)

Florida Special Amtrak operated

Nos. 5 and 6 (Miami-Albany, Georgia)

City of Miami Discontinued

Nos. 9 and 10 (Richmond-Columbia, South Carolina)

Palmland  Discontinued

Nos. 11 and 12 (Miami-Montgomery, Alabama)

South Wind Amtrak operated

Nos. 21 and 22 (Richmond-Miami)

Silver Star Amtrak operated

Nos. 23 and 24 (Jacksonville-St. Petersburg, Florida)

Silver Star Amtrak operated

Nos. 39 and 40 (Jacksonville-Chattahoochee, Florida)

Gulf Wind Discontinued

Nos. 57 and 58 (Richmond-Miami)

Nos. 75 and 76 (Richmond-Jacksonville)

Gulf Coast Special Discontinued

Nos. 81 and 82 (Tampa-Venice, Florida)

Nos. 85 and 86 (Richmond-Jacksonville)

Everglades Discontinued

Nos. 89 and 90 (Montgomery-Waycross, Georgia)

Champion  Discontinued

Nos. 91 and 92 (Richmond-St. Peterburg)

Champion Amtrak operated

Nos. 93 and 94 (Jacksonville-St. Petersburg)

City of Miami/South Wind Amtrak operated in part

Nos. 97 and 98 (Lakeland and Naples, Florida)

Champion  Discontinued



Seaboard Coast Line trains used Broad Street Station in Richmond, Virginia. Through trains were conveyed between Richmond and Washington, D.C., by the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac and north of Washington by Penn Central.

The Florida Special was a seasonal train that made its last northbound run April 11-12 and its last southbound run on April 13-14. It began Amtrak operation on Dec. 17, 1971. On the SCL it operated Richmond-Callahan, Georgia (ex-Atlantic Coast Line) and Callahan-Miami (ex-Seaboard Air Line.

The City of Miami operated very other day in conjunction with the Central of Georgia and Illinois Central.

The Palmland operated Richmond-Petersburg (ex-ACL), Petersburg-Columbia (ex-SAL).

The South Wind continued north of Montgomery to Louisville, Kentucky. Penn Central operated a connecting train between Louisville and Chicago. Through cars between Chicago and Florida via the South Wind had ended. On SCL, the South Wind operated Montgomery-Auburndale, Florida (ex-ACL), Auburndale-Miami (ex-SAL).

The Silver Star operated Richmond-Petersburg, Virginia (ex-ACL) and Petersburg-Raleigh-Miami (ex-SAL). Amtrak rerouted Miami section from Savannah-Auburndale via Ocala (ex-SAL) to Savannah-Auburndale via Orlando (ex-ACL). The St. Petersburg section operated Jacksonville-Orlando-Tampa (ex-ACL); Tampa-Clearwater, Florida (ex-SAL); and Clearwater-St. Petersburg (ex-ACL)

The Gulf Wind operated between Jacksonville and New Orleans in conjunction with the Louisville & Nashville. The SCL route was ex-SAL.

The Silver Meteor operated Richmond-Petersburg (ex-ACL); and Petersburg-Raleigh-Miami (ex-SAL).

The Gulf Coast Special operated over an ex-ACL route south of Richmond.

Nos. 81 and 82 operated Tampa-Bradenton (ex-ACL), Bradenton-Venice (ex-SAL).

The Everglades operated via the ex-ACL.

Nos. 89 and 90 used an ex-ACL route west of Waycross.

Nos. 91 and 92 operated Richmond-Tampa (ex-ACL), Tampa-Clearwater (ex-SAL), Clearwater-St. Petersburg (ex-ACL).

Nos. 93 and 94 operated Jacksonville-St. Petersburg via Gainesville, Florida (ex-ACL). Amtrak rerouted the train to Jacksonville-Tampa via Orlando (ex-ACL), Tampa-Clearwater (ex-SAL) and Clearwater-St. Petersburg (ex-SAL). The City of Miami was discontinued.

Nos. 97 and 98 operated via Bartow (ex-ACL).




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