Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific

Nos. 5 and 6 (Chicago-Minneapolis)

Morning Hiawatha Amtrak operated

Nos. 9 and 24 (Chicago-Milwaukee)

Unnamed Amtrak operated

Nos. 11 and 22 (Chicago-Madison, Wisconsin)

The Sioux Discontinued

Nos. 12 and 23 (Chicago-Watertown, Wisconsin)

Unnamed Amtrak operated in part

Nos. 27 and 46 (Chicago-Milwaukee)

Unnamed Amtrak operated

No. 56 (Minneapolis to Chicago)

Fast Mail Discontinued

Nos. 103/104 (Chicago-Omaha, Nebraska)

Unnamed Discontinued

Nos. 117 and 118

The Varsity Discontinued



Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific trains used Chicago Union Station.

Amtrak replaced Nos. 5 and 6 with Burlington Northern’s Empire Builder.

No. 9 was the former Copper Country Limited. No. 24 was formerly The Traveler.

Amtrak picked up the operation of Nos. 12 and 23 between Chicago and Milwaukee only. The Milwaukee-Watertown segment was deemed to be a commuter train operation that the CMStP&P continued to operate through July 31, 1972, after which the trains were discontinued. No. 23 was formerly The Traveler. These trains did not operate between Milwaukee and Watertown on weekends and were unofficially named the “Milwaukee Express.”

No. 27 did not operate on Sunday. It and No. 46 were unofficially known as the “Milwaukee Express.”

Nos. 103 and 104 were widely although unofficially known as the “City of Everywhere” because they convened through cars for Union Pacific’s City of Francisco, City of Los Angeles-Challenger, City of Denver and City of Portland.

Nos. 117 and 118 operated on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.

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