Penn Central (Long Distance)

Nos. 4 and 31 (New York-St. Louis)

Spirit of St. Louis Amtrak operated

No. 13 (Pittsburgh to St. Louis)

(Former) Mail and Express Discontinued

Nos. 14 and 17 (Chicago-Detroit-Buffalo, New York)

(Former) The Wolverine Amtrak operated in part

Nos. 15 and 18 (Cleveland-Columbus, Ohio)

(Former) Ohio State Limited Discontinued

Nos. 16 and 25 (New York-Pittsburgh)

The Duquesne Amtrak operated

Nos. 22 and 23 (Chicago-Pittsburgh-New York)

Manhattan Limited Discontinued

Nos. 27 and 28 (Chicago-Cleveland-Buffalo)

(Former) New England States Discontinued

Nos. 32 (St. Louis to Pittsburgh)

(Former) St. Louisan Discontinued

Nos. 33 and 34 (New York-Pittsburgh)

The Juniata Discontinued

Nos. 48 and 49 (Chicago-Pittsburgh-New York)

Broadway Limited Amtrak operated

No. 50 (Chicago-Pittsburgh-New York)

The Admiral Discontinued

No. 51 (Buffalo to Chicago via Cleveland)

(Former) Empire State Express Discontinued

No. 52 (Chicago to Buffalo via Detroit)

(Former) Motor City Special Discontinued

No. 53 (Pittsburgh to Chicago)

(Former) Fort Pitt Discontinued

Nos. 54 and 55 (Chicago-Pittsburgh- New York)

Pennsylvania Limited Discontinued

Nos. 63 and 64 (Chicago-Cleveland-New York)

Unnamed Discontinued

No. 65 (Cincinnati to Chicago via Richmond, Indiana)

(Former) The Union Discontinued

No. 66 (Chicago to Cincinnati via Richmond)

(Former) The Red Bird Discontinued

No. 77 and 78 (Columbus-Cincinnati)

Cincinnati Limited  Discontinued

Nos. 90 and 93 (Chicago-Louisville, Kentucky)

(Former) South Wind Amtrak operated

No. 98 (Chicago to Buffalo via Cleveland)

(Former) The Chicagoan Discontinued

Nos. 303 and 304 (Chicago-Indianapolis-Cincinnati)

James Whitcomb Riley Amtrak operated

No. 315 (Cleveland to Indianapolis)

(Former) The Gateway Discontinued

No. 316 (Indianapolis to Cleveland)

(Former) Cleveland Special Discontinued

No. 351 (Buffalo to Chicago via Detroit)

(Former) Empire State Express Discontinued

No. 355 (Detroit to Chicago)

(Former) The Michigan Amtrak operated

No. 356 (Chicago to Detroit)

(Former) Twilight Limited Amtrak operated

Nos. 548 and 549 (Baltimore-Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)

(Former) General/Trailblazer Amtrak operated

Nos. 427 and 428 (Boston-Albany/Rensselaer, New York)

(Former) New England States Discontinued

No. 574 (Buffalo to Harrisburg)

(Former) Southern Express Discontinued

No. 575 (Harrisburg to Buffalo)

(Former) Northern Express Discontinued



Penn Central trains used Chicago Union Station except for the James Whitcomb Riley, which used Central Station.

All trains serving St. Louis operated Pittsburgh-Indianapolis (ex-Pennsylvania); Indianapolis-Terre Haute, Indiana (ex-New York Central); Terre Haute-St. Louis (ex-PRR). Amtrak combined PC Nos. 4 and 31 with Missouri Pacific Nos. 15/16 to create a New York/Washington-Kansas City route.

Nos. 14 and 17 were discontinued between Detroit and Buffalo.

PC No. 18 was formerly NYC No. 16.

Nos. 27 and 28 conveyed New York (Grand Central)-Chicago through cars conveyed by Nos. 61/62 between New York and Buffalo.

No. 34 did not operate on Saturday.

No. 52 operated via Detroit and was formerly NYC No. 366 (daily except Saturday) and No. 368 (Saturday only).

No. 65 was formerly PRR No. 71. No. 66 was formerly PRR No. 70.

Nos. 77 and 78 operated Columbus-London, Ohio (ex-PRR), London-Cincinnati via Springfield and Dayton (ex-NYC). New York- Cincinnati through cars were conveyed by PC Nos. 4/31 New York-Columbus.

Nos. 90 and 93 operated via Logansport, Indiana, and Indianapolis (ex-PRR) on an every other day schedule. Amtrak combined Nos. 90 and 93 with the Louisville & Nashville/Seaboard Coast Line South Wind to create an Chicago-Miami/St. Petersburg route. PC had ended conveying Chicago-Florida through cars via Nos. 90 and 93 before the coming of Amtrak.

Nos.303 and 304 operated via the Illinois Central between Chicago (Central Station) and Kanakakee, Illinois.

Nos. 548 and 549 operated via York, Pennsylvania (ex-PRR) and became the Washington section of Amtrak’s Broadway Limited and Spirit of St. Louis. Amtrak rerouted Nos. 548 and 549 to the freight-only Port Deposit branch (ex-PRR) between Perryville, Maryland, and Middletown, Pennsylvania.

Nos. 427 and 428 were formerly NYC Nos. 27 and 28.

Nos. 574 and 575 operated every other day.

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