Grand Trunk Western

Nos.  155 and 156 (Chicago-Port Huron, Michigan)

(Former) International  Discontinued

Nos. 158 and 156 (Chicago-Port Huron)

Maple Leaf Discontinued

Nos. 164 and 165 (Chicago-Detroit)

Mohawk  Discontinued

Nos. 169-159 and 158-168 (Detroit-Durand, Michigan)

Unamed Discontinued




Grand Trunk Western trains used Dearborn Station in Chicago and Union Depot in Detroit.

No. 156 was the final passenger train to depart Deaborn Station on April 30, 1971.

Nos. 158 and 156 operated between Chicago and Toronto with Canadian National operating the train east of Port Huron.

Nos. 169-159 and 158-168 operated between Chicago and Detroit and merged and separated in Durand.


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