Amtrak 29/30 Diners, Lounges Going Into Shops

Amtrak has announced that the dining cars and Sightseer lounge normally assigned to the Capitol Limited will be taken out of service beginning Jan. 12, 2015, for maintenance.

The cars will be replaced by a diner-lounge providing complete meals on one side of the car while the other side serves as the train’s lounge car.

The dining car and Sightseer lounge are expected to return to service on March 1.

Amtrak also continues to advise that passengers traveling aboard the Lake Shore Limited may experience significant delays due to heavy freight congestion along the routes.

Amtrak said in a service advisory that it continues to work with Norfolk Southern and CSX to restore dependable service along this route.

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One Response to “Amtrak 29/30 Diners, Lounges Going Into Shops”

  1. Charles Fulton Says:

    Interesting. I have two eastbound trips on the Cap this January, one before and one after the change. I remember a similar arrangement back in 2010 with a Cross-Country Cafe and it worked out. I’m just glad the OTP is back to normal.

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