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Ontario High-Speed Funding on Hold

April 21, 2019

Funding for high-speed rail service between Toronto and Windsor, Ontario, is on hold.

Ontario transportation policy makers have cited fiscal issues for delaying funding of the project that would cut the running time between the two cities from four hours to two.

The project had been expected to be completed by 2031.

“We’re dealing with a deficit and a huge debt so we want to make sure we’re going to make the right investments going forward,” said Transportation minister Jeff Yurek said.

An environment assessment of the project will continue, Yurek said, noting that the province will reveal a transportation plan for Southwest Ontario later this year.

Michigan Rail Passenger Advocates Working to Get Amtrak-VIA Bus Connection Detroit-Windsor

April 25, 2017

Michigan rail passengers advocates are working with Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada to revive connecting service between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, although that might not necessarily be rail service.

In a campaign that has been dubbed “mind the gap,” the advocates are talking with both railroads about establishing a direct bus connection.

Passengers who now want to connect between Amtrak and VIA must either take a cab or ride three local transit buses.

The advocates noted that the border crossing at Detroit is the busiest between the two countries.

Until 2003, Amtrak and VIA hosted a Chicago-Toronto train known as the International that operated via Flint and Port Huron, Michigan.

A Detroit-New York train, the Niagara Rainbow, operated via Windsor between October 1974 and January 1979, ending when the states of New York and Michigan ended their funding of the train.

An article posted on the website of the National Association of Railroad Passengers said that VIA is in active discussions with bus companies to provide a “bus bridge” between the VIA station in Windsor and the Detroit Amtrak station.

The service may begin by late 2017. The Michigan advocates hope that if the bus connection proves successful that it might provide an impetus for resuming rail service between Detroit and Windsor.