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Woman Says Amtrak Agent Told Her to Remove Pin

October 30, 2017

Amtrak has apologized to a Chicago woman who claims that an Amtrak gate agent told her to remove a “love trumps hate” button before boarding a train to Seattle last Friday.

In issuing the apology, Amtrak said its employee misinterpreted a company policy.

The incident came to light after Melissa Stone wrote about it on Twitter.

She said the Amtrak agent told her that because the passenger carrier is “federally funded,” that Stone would have to remove the pin or “stay in her cabin” during her trip.

Stone said an Amtrak manager confirmed that the action of the Amtrak agent wasn’t proper.

In a facebook post, Stone said she and her partner, Chase McClure, were traveling to Seattle to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

She said the agent said Amtrak asks passengers to remove such pins to prevent fights from breaking out on trains.

McClure also weighed in on the dust-up on social media, saying she would be just as angry if the agent had asked another passenger to remove a “Make America Great Again” hat, which is commonly worn by supporters of President Donald Trump

“Love trumps hate” was a slogan used by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and continues to be used by some who dislike Trump.