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Salt Lake City Station Hours Changed

December 1, 2020

Amtrak has temporarily changed the hours that the waiting room at its station in Salt Lake City are open.

Starting Nov. 30, the station will be open will be open on Sunday mornings for Train 6, between 1 a.m. to train departure time. In a service advisory Amtrak said passengers will not have access to the inside of the station or restrooms when it is closed.

The advisory did not give a reason for the change in hours or indicate how long the change would be in effect.

Salt Lake City is served by Amtrak’s California Zephyr.

Track Work to Disrupt California Zephyr

September 29, 2020

Track work by host railroad Union Pacific on the Moffat Tunnel in Colorado will result in changes to operations of Amtrak’s California Zephyr between Oct. 5 and 12.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said Train 5 will be cancelled during that period with Train 1105 operating in its place between Chicago and Denver.

That train will hold at Denver until 10:05 a.m., 2 hours later than Train 5’s normal schedule and operate on that later schedule at all stations from Denver to Emeryville, California.

Amtrak said that due to the schedule change, on Oct. 6 and 13, there will be no westbound service at Salt Lake City.

UP Track Work Disrupts WB California Zephyr

July 28, 2020

Track work being performed by Union Pacific inside Moffat Tunnel in Colorado will disrupt operations of Amtrak’s westbound California Zephyr over the next several weeks.

Between July 27 and Aug. 3, Train No. 5 will be canceled.

In its place, will be Train No. 1105, which will hold at Denver Union Station until 10:05 a.m.

It will operate two hours later than the normal schedule of No. 5 all the way to Emeryville, California.

This schedule will also be in effect between Aug. 10 to 18, Aug. 24 to 31, Sept. 7 to 13 and Sept. 21 to 24.

Train No. 1105 will not stop at the Salt Lake City station on July 28, Aug. 11, Aug. 25, Sept. 8 and Sept. 22.

The Rio Grande Zephyr is Now Boarding

February 6, 2019

It’s early Sunday morning in Salt Lake City and the Denver-bound Rio Grande Zephyr is ready for boarding. The date is July 29, 1979.

I will ride the train all the way to Denver, enjoying the sights of the Rocky Mountains from one of the dome cars on the train.

Nos. 17 and 18 enjoyed one of America’s most scenic routes and Amtrak would have loved to have served it when it began operations in May 1971.

But the Denver & Rio Grande Western elected not to join Amtrak in 1971 so the remnant of the fabled California Zephyr continued to roll on.

Rising losses prompted the D&RGW to allow Amtrak to use its tracks between Denver and Salt Lake City and the Rio Grande Zephyr ended in February 1983.

Most of the RGZ’s route today is traversed by Amtrak’s California Zephyr.