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Out of the Fog

March 2, 2021

Last Saturday’s weather forecast called for high temperatures in the 50s and mostly sunny skies so I ventured over to east central Illinois for my first railfan foray of 2021.

The day began, though, in heavy fog caused by a temperature inversion. When I arrived in Rantoul, Illinois, the temperatures were in the low 30s.

Those conditions wouldn’t last long, but while they did I was able to get this image of Amtrak’s northbound City of New Orleans cutting through the fog at the Rantoul station.

Although this is an Amtrak stop, the City is not scheduled to stop here. The train was operating as No. 1158 on a schedule 90 minutes than usual.

That was due to track work by host railroad Canadian Pacific in the South that has the northbound CONO running later than normal two days a week.

Blasting Through Rantoul

July 28, 2020

It’s an early Sunday morning at the Amtrak station in Rantoul, Illinois.

I’m the only person around even through Amtrak’s northbound City of New Orleans will be come through here in a few minutes.

But Trains 58 and 59 don’t stop in Rantoul. Only the state-funded Saluki and Illini between Chicago and Carbondale, Illinois, stop here.

No. 58 is about 15 minutes off schedule as it roars through the Rantoul station. Note the engineer has his hand out the window to wave at the photographer.

It also has two P42DC locomotives up front. Normally, the City of New Orleans operates with a single locomotive.

Rantoul Getting New Amtrak Boarding Facility

July 2, 2019

The new boarding facility for Amtrak in Rantoul, Illinois, is located north of the former Illinois Central station. The current boarding site can be seen beyond the station in a view looking southward.

Rantoul, Illinois, is getting a new Amtrak station but it won’t be far away from the existing stop.

Workers have poured a new concrete platform that is about 200 feet long and 8 inches above the rails.

Other improvements include two handicapped parking spaces, a facility to lift wheelchairs onto the trains, a new passenger shelter and new signage.

Nine decorative light pole are also being installed. Work began last October.

The new boarding site will be at the north end of the existing former Illinois Central depot, which is used by private businesses.

The current Amtrak stop is located at the south end of the IC station.

That facility is nothing more than a bus shelter type facility that will be removed once the new station is ready for use.

The work is being done by George Allen Construction of Mokena, Illinois, which also renovating the Amtrak boarding site in Gilman, Illinois.

The Allen company specializes in train station work and is working on multiple projects around the country.

It did some work on the present Rantoul Amtrak facility when it was installed some seven years ago.

Rantoul is served by the Chicago-Carbondale, Illinois, Saluki and Illini trains that are funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation.