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Assault on Amtrak Conductor Results in Arrest

April 25, 2019

A man on parole was arrested after allegedly assaulting a conductor on Tuesday aboard a an Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train.

Police said the man had boarded Train 565 and allegedly grabbed the conductor pushed him against a wall after the conductor asked to see the man’s ticket.

Authorities said the incident happened as the train was nearing Oceanside, California.

As Oceanside police sought to take the man into custody, he began struggling with an officer and sought to escape on foot. The man reportedly did not have a ticket to ride the train.

The suspect’s name has not been released, but authorities said he lives in Los Angeles and was arrested on suspicion of assault and violating his parole.

The Amtrak conductor was reported to have a sore shoulder but did not need medical care.

The incident delayed Train 565 for about a half-hour.

Not Much Longer to Wait

February 13, 2017


It is a Monday night at Amtrak’s Midway Station in St. Paul, Minnesota. I waiting for the Chicago-bound North Star to arrive and in the meantime the Seattle-bound North Coast Hiawatha is in the station.

A conductor stands by a vestibule looking for boarding passengers. It is ritual that he won’t be performing much longer for this train. In less than two weeks, Nos. 17 and 18 are slated to be discontinued as part of a massive Amtrak route restructuring.

A court order will keep the North Coast Hiawatha running for a few more days, but it will eventually succumb and intercity rail passenger service on the former Northern Pacific route will end.

The Empire Builder will continue to operate between Chicago and Seattle, but the “North Coast Hi” will be history.

This image was scanned from a slide and made on Sept. 24, 1979.

TSA Mandates RR Workers get Security Training

December 20, 2016

In a regulation published on Dec. 16, the Transportation Security Administration said it will require all “security sensitive employees” of Class I freight railroads, commuter lines, and Amtrak to have formal security training. The rules also will apply to intercity bus companies.

tsa-logoTransportation companies will be required to establish a TSA-approved training program within a year.

Railroad employees expected to be affected by the training requirement are locomotive engineers, conductors, dispatchers and maintenance of way employees.

TSA said in a statement that the security training will focus on the ability “to observe, assess, and respond to security risks and potential security breaches.”

In particular, this will apply to railroad workers engaged in the transport of explosive, toxic, or radioactive cargoes through “high threat urban areas.”

All transportation companies covered by the regulation must appoint security coordinators.
TSA put the estimated cost of implementing the regulations at $90.7 million for freight railroads, and $53.4 million for commuter railroads.

TSA expects to extend the rules it is proposing for railroads and bus companies to maritime operations.