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Tailing Off Into Infinity

February 5, 2019

The Railroad Passengers Association has been running a photo competition titled #ViewsOnATrain. It’s purpose is to publicize what passengers would see out the window of an Amtrak train.

I haven’t entered the contest although I’ve thought about it. I’ve made dozens of views from inside of Amtrak trains over the years.

It can be challenge because the windows are tinted and often dirty from having traveled hundreds of miles.

I would also have a tough time picking out which photos I would want to enter in the contest.

This image, though, is one of my favorites. It was made from my sleeping compartment aboard the westbound Empire Builder as it traveled through  eastern Washington state on a Saturday morning.

I have no idea what road this is, where it goes or where I was when I made the image,

But it summarizes my conception of travel as a journey along an endless road to a destination unknown. Who knows what you might find there?