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PV Magazine Seeks to Cut Costs

February 2, 2019

The American Association of Private Rail Cars owners is reducing the frequency at which it publishes its Private Varnish magazine.

The group took the action after Amtrak sharply curtailed operations of special trains. Revenue earned from those movements was used by AAPRCO to fund the magazine.

In its newsletter, AAPRCO said that without the revenue from special trains it cannot afford to publish Private Varnish at a loss.

The reduction in frequency of publication is one of a number of steps AAPRCO is taking to cut the costs of producing Private Varnish.

It also is undertaking more of the work of billing and collecting money for advertising.

AAPRCO is seeking additional volunteer work on the magazine and guest writers.

The AAPRCO website notes that PV is published three times a year and focuses on news about special trains and privately owned rail passenger cars.

It is published by Andover Junction Publications and features color photography printed on glossy paper.