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Atlantic City Service Suspended Through May 24

April 4, 2019

Rail service to Atlantic City, New Jersey, is expected to remain suspended through May 24 as host railroad New Jersey Transit installs positive train control on the route.

Although Amtrak does not provide its own service to Atlantic City, it does sell tickets for passengers wishing to connect to trains headed there.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said it would resume selling tickets to Atlantic City once service resumes next month.

Amtrak passengers said passengers on Acela Express or Northeast Regional trains can still reach Atlantic City by disembarking at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia and going to the upper level of the station where SEPTA service is located.

Passengers should take a SEPTA train to the Jefferson Station and then disembark. They should walk across the street to the Greyhound station and board Bus 551, which travels to Atlantic City

SEPTA will honor Amtrak tickets to Atlantic City via this route during the NJ Transit service suspension.

Another alternative would be for passengers to take the SEPTA Market/Frankford subway service, located across 30th street from Amtrak 30th Street Station, to the 8th and Market Street Station.

From there, passengers will ride the PATCO rapid transit train service to Lindenwold Station for the Route 554 bus to Atlantic City and intermediate locations.