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Daylight in Cleveland for No. 30

June 10, 2019

Even the standards of the usual lateness of Amtrak’s Capitol Limited, for No. 30 to see Cleveland in daylight would take a event of unusual magnitude.

No. 30 is scheduled into Cleveland at 1:45 a.m. Even if the train is one or two hours late it will still see Northeast Ohio in darkness.

But last week one of those unusual occurrences unfolded when a Norfolk Southern intermodal train derailed in Swanton, Ohio, after striking a vehicle on the tracks.

Passengers for the Capitol Limited and Lake Shore Limited rode school buses between Bryan and Toledo, Ohio, to bypass the wreck sight.

The equipment that had arrived in Toledo as No. 29 was turned to become No. 30.

It is shown above passing through Olmsted Falls, Ohio at 2:32 p.m., more than 12 hours after it should have been by here.

On the point is P40DC No. 816. Normally, the long-distance trains through here are assigned P42DC locomotives.

Generations of Motive Power

February 20, 2017


Amtrak train No. 4 is departing from the station in Naperville, Illinois, and is about to cross over to the center track for the run into Chicago.

I made this image of the motive power consist because I found it interesting how there are three distinct locomotives represented.

On the point is a P40DC locomotive with the fading stripes that are original to those units, but which proved to be short lived on Amtrak.

In the middle is a P32-8 wearing its striking and original livery that proved to be unique to these locomotives.

And the third unit is an F40PH in the Phase III livery. At the time, F40s were still commonplace, but starting to fade from the roster.