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Omaha Being Served by Buses

April 5, 2019

Although the California Zephyr has resumed operating between Chicago and Denver, it is for now bypassing the Amtrak station in Omaha, Nebraska.

Amtrak posted a service advisory on Thursday that Nos. 5 and 6 are using a detour route in Nebraska between Ashland and Oreapolis.

The CZ’s regular route is closed due to BNSF construction on a bridge damaged by recent flooding.

The service advisory did not say how long the Zephyr will be detouring.

Amtrak said that bus/van service would be used to transport ticketed passengers the Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, Amtrak stations.

Passengers will be offered the option of re-booking with the alternate transportation or traveling to/from alternate stations Lincoln or Creston, Iowa.

Buses 4005 and 4105 will connect to Train 5 while Buses 4006 and 4106 will connect to Train 6.

Bus 4006 will depart Omaha 3 hours, 14 minutes earlier than the normal train schedule.

CZ Resumption Pushed Back to Thursday

April 3, 2019

Amtrak plans to restore the California Zephyr this week between Chicago and Denver, but passengers for Omaha, Nebraska, will be riding a bus for a while longer.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said the first eastbound CZ to operate through to Chicago departed from Emeryville, California, on Tuesday (April 2).

The first westbound Zephyr to originate in Chicago will depart on Thursday (April 4).

Amtrak said rail service to Omaha remains suspended due to the regular BNSF route of Nos. 5 and 6 being closed. Amtrak trains are detouring within Omaha.

The Zephyr has been suspended over its normal route through Iowa for two weeks due to flooding. For a short time, it detoured over a Union Pacific route via Ames, Iowa.

The service advisory said charter buses will provide transportation for Omaha passengers. They will board or disembark from the train in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Amtrak had expected to resume normal service east of Denver on April 1, but Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari said host railroad BNSF said the route was not yet ready.

No alternative transportation has been provided to CZ passengers traveling to or from points between Chicago and Denver during the service suspension.

Megabus to Resume Chicago-Nebraska Route

February 21, 2017

Amtrak just go another travel competitor in the Chicago-Nebraska travel market.

megabusMegabus has announced that it will restore service between Chicago and Lincoln, Nebraska, on March 1.

The single roundtrip a day will make intermediate stops in Omaha, Nebraska; the Iowa cities of Des Moines and Iowa City; and Moline, Illinois.

Additional trips may be added on weekends and holidays. The service is being operated as a partnership with Windstar Lines of Carroll, Iowa.

Megabus ended the route last month, citing declining ridership due to low gasoline prices.

Amtrak to Transfer Half of Denver Crew Base

January 21, 2017

In what is being framed as a cost-cutting move, Amtrak is moving 21 train operating positions from Denver to Lincoln, Nebraska, on Feb. 1.

amtrak-california-zephyrAmtrak spokesman Marc Magliari said the passenger carrier expects to save almost $1 million annually by making the move although he declined to explain how that will be the case.

Magliari said all of the affected employees are conductors and engineers. If all of the workers agree to transfer, none of them will lose their jobs or their work seniority.

They are assigned to the Chicago-San Francisco Bay California Zephyr. Magliari said it will take 90 days for the train crew members being transferred to become fully qualified.

The move will bring to 44 the number of Amtrak employees in Nebraska, all of them based in Lincoln or Omaha.

Earlier, Amtrak had moved its crew base in Omaha to Lincoln, which Amtrak said was to cut costs and make for a more efficient operation.

Denver-based Amtrak employees who elect not to transfer to Lincoln will be given the opportunity to transfer elsewhere on the Amtrak system without losing their seniority.

If not enough Denver-based workers agree to move to Nebraska, Magliari said Amtrak will open those positions to others within the Amtrak work force.

The changes will cut the number of workers at the Denver crew base in half.

Amtrak will continue to base conductors and engineers in Denver to operate Nos. 5 and 6 between Denver and Grand Junction, Colorado.