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New York Penn Station Waiting Area Being Renovated

January 8, 2020

Amtrak and New Jersey Transit said on Monday that they are renovating the ticketed waiting areas of Penn Station in New York.

The work on the Amtrak Concourse on the Upper Level and Eighth Avenue side of the station will include new furniture and fixtures.

This will include communal tables and seats with electrical and USB outlets to charge electronic devices, an upgraded ceiling complete with new LED lighting, and a family area that will also feature a nursing mothers’ pod.

Workers will remove the midpoint barrier and install a new information desk and a second entrance offering easy access toward the Seventh Avenue side of the Station.

The project will cost $7.2 million and be completed over two phases.

The first phase began on Monday and is expected to be completed in March.

The second phase will then follow and is expected to be completed in June.

During construction there will be two temporary spaces, one for each phase of the project, to accommodate passengers.

The phase I temporary facility will be at the concourse near Tracks 9 and 10 while the second will be near Tracks 13 and 14.

Penn Station Expansion Plan Announced

January 6, 2020

New York Penn Station would be expanded under a plan announced on Monday by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

In a speech in New York, Cuomo said the expansion will occur on building and land situated on a block adjacent to the station.

The expansion would create a new eight track terminal annex with additional tracks that will result in an increased capacity of 175,000 passengers per day.

If implemented, it would be the first expansion of the Penn Station infrastructure footprint since 1910 when the station was completed.

The expansion will occur south of the current station complex, which includes the Moynihan Train Hall that is expected to open late this year in the Farley Post Office on Eighth Avenue.

The design of the expansion will be a collaborative effort among New York State, Amtrak, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and others.

Urban planning consultant FXCollaborative will develop and execute the plan at the station, which is owned by Amtrak.

Cuomo’s plan calls for the Empire State Development Corporation to use eminent domain to acquire property between 30th and 31st streets. and Seventh and Eighth avenues.

Some of that property is already owned by Amtrak while the archdiocese of New York owns some parcels. The 22 pieces of property are currently being used for residential use, offices and community facilities.

This would allow construction of eight additional tracks to supplement the 21 tracks currently used at the station.

The plan would also create six entrances to the 125,000-square foot new terminal to be known as the Empire Station Complex.

State officials are also eyeing the acquisition of the Theater at Madison Square Garden and transforming it into a new entrance on Eighth Avenue in a bid to bring more light into Penn Station.

The framework that Cuomo outlined has been discussed before, including by Amtrak as part of its Gateway plan to build two new tunnels beneath the Hudson River.

“The entire old Penn has to be redone,” Cuomo said. “You can’t do that until you have the additional tracks and additional capacity.”

Penn Station is used by Amtrak, New Jersey Transit and the Long Island Railroad.


NY Penn Station Work to Resume Jan. 3

December 21, 2019

Renovation work at New York’s Penn Station will resume on Jan. 3 but will not affect the operations of Amtrak trains.

The next phase of the Infrastructure Renewal Program will involve work on tracks 11 and 14 and cost $7.6 million. The work is expected to be completed by April 17, 2020.

Some Long Island Rail Road schedules will change with five of 144 morning-rush trains being rerouted and six of 130 evening-rush trains being rerouted.

Five trains are being added immediately before or after the rush trains, and other trains are being lengthened, so that the net loss of seating capacity is less than 1 percent.

New York ClubAcela Lounge Closed for Refurbishment

October 26, 2019

The ClubAcela Lounge at New York Penn Station will be closed this weekend (Oct. 26 and 27) for refurbishment.

Temporary seating will be available in the Amtrak/New Jersey Transit ticketed waiting room, located on the main concourse near Tracks 13 and 14 East.

The ClubAcela will reopen on Oct. 28.


More Penn Station Renovation Work Planned

September 7, 2019

Although work has been completed for the summer of 2019 restoration project at New York Penn Station, Amtrak officials are looking ahead to the next phases of renovation set for the facility.

Work will continue on switches and tracks through next may and will be performed during 55-hour windows on weekend and during weekday nights when few trains are using the station.

Amtrak Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Scot Naparstek said this work is not expected to delay passengers unless other operating issues occur.’

In that event, he said, “our flexibility may be limited.”

Naparstek said weekly station track Inspections will determine a new five-year plan for upcoming work, including which tracks and switches need attention first, as well as planning for trackwork in the East River Tunnel.

He said tracks from the ends of the station platforms to the Hudson and East River tunnel entrances will need repair soon.

Although work is being planned for summer 2020, Naparstek said it is too early to discuss what that will involve because the Amtrak engineering staff and the commuter railroads using the station are still meeting to define that project.

NYC Penn Station Work Completed

September 2, 2019

With the completion of summer work at New York Penn Station Amtrak plans to return to its normal schedule there on Sept. 3.

The project focused on rebuilding JO interlocking at the east end of the station on the route to the East River tunnels.

Switches were replaced on the east end of tracks 14,15, and 16, primarily used by Amtrak and the Long Island Rail Road.

Workers also installed signaling systems, signal machines, cables, and new LED lighting.

The third rail power was replaced and the passenger platforms were repainted.

Amtrak Says Penn Station Work on Time, on Budget

July 26, 2019

Amtrak said this week that reconstruction this summer at New York Penn Station is on time and within its budget.

Speaking during a conference call, Scot Naparstek, Amtrak executive vice president and chief operations officer, said in a Thursday conference call that the work should be complete by Sept. 2. The current work began on June 28.

A handful of Amtrak trains have been affected due to track closures and the Long Island Rail Road has cancelled 14 of 274 morning and evening rush hour trains.

New Jersey Transit has diverted 10 rush-hour trains from Penn Station to its Hoboken Terminal during the summer work schedule.

The $30 million project involves rails, ties, switches, track panels, and ballast.

Work is also being done on JO Interlocking, which governs Amtrak, Long Island Rail Road, and NJ Transit movements heading east and west from the East River Tunnels.

It is the third summer that work has been done at Penn Station.

Penn Station Work Disrupts Schedules

July 2, 2019

During the period Northeast Regional Trains 110 and 127 will be cancelled. while Keystone Train 640 will terminate in Newark and Train 643 will originate in Newark.

The Cardinal No. 51 will depart New York early on weekdays only while the Maple Leaf Train 63 and Adirondack Train 69 will run as a combination train on Train 63’s schedule. The trains will split at Albany-Rensselaer, New York.

Specific schedule changes include:

Train 51 will depart New York 35 minutes earlier than scheduled, at 6:10 a.m., and will resume normal schedule at Philadelphia.

Trains 63 and 69 will run on their separate, regularly scheduled times on weekends and July 4. Train 63 will depart Albany 20 minutes later than scheduled on weekdays and 25 minutes later than scheduled from Niagara Falls. Train 69 will depart at the scheduled time from Albany on weekdays

Track Work to Affect Empire Service Train

May 19, 2019

Track work will result in a temporary schedule change for Empire Service Train No. 288 on May 19 and June 2.

On those dates No. 288 will operate from Niagara Falls to Croton-Harmon, New York, with passengers reaching New York City on a special Metro North train.

That train will terminate at Grand Central Terminal whereas No. 288 terminates at New York Penn Station.

Amtrak said in a service advisory that Metro-North will honor Amtrak tickets on the special train. No Amtrak staff will be aboard that train or at Grand Central.

Passengers will be responsible for making their own arrangements to transfer from Grand Central to Penn Station if they so desire.

More Penn Station Rehab Work Planned

May 3, 2019

Amtrak said this week that it plans to undertake more rehabilitation of New York Penn Station, which will result in two tracks being removed from service.

Work will also be done at JO interlocking, which is located on the route to and from the East River Tunnels.

The JO work will occur between June 28 and Sept. 2.

Amtrak said that during the construction some service will be modified.

Canceled will be Northeast Regional No. 110 from Washington to New York, No. 127 from New York to Washington.

Keystone Service Nos. 640 and 643 will terminate and originate in Newark rather than New York. No. 653 will depart New York earlier.

On weekdays, the westbound Cardinal will depart earlier although an Amtrak news release did not say how much earlier. The current New York departure time for the Cardinal is 6:45 a.m.

Other changes include the combining of the Maple Leaf (No. 63) and Adirondack (No. 69). It will operate on the Maple Leaf’s schedule with a 7:15 a.m. departure from New York.

The trains will separate at Albany-Rensselaer, New York.

The work at Penn Station will also affect some trains of New Jersey Transit and the Long Island Railroad.