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Funding Set for New Oxford Amtrak Station

March 13, 2021

Funding commitments are falling into place for construction of an Amtrak station in Oxford, Ohio.

The city of Oxford along with Miami University have agreed to spend $700,000 for the station, which will serve the Chicago-New York Cardinal.

The city and university funding will pay for a platform and an unmanned kiosk.

Negotiations are underway with vendors for design and cost estimates.

Located 40 miles north-northwest of Cincinnati, Oxford would become the second Ohio stop for the Cardinal and Amtrak’s eighth station in Ohio.

Nos. 50 and 51 stopped in Hamilton, Ohio, between August 1980 and October 2005.

The Oxford station will be located at 909 South Main St. The Cardinal will stop in Oxford westbound on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, and eastbound on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

New Buffalo Amtrak Station Opens

November 10, 2020

A ceremony featuring state and local officials was held on Monday to mark the opening of a new Exchange Street Station in downtown Buffalo, New York. 

The station was built on the site of the former 66-year-old New York Central facility of the same name.

The new $29.8 million Amtrak station, though, is elevated, located closer to the street and is twice the size of the depot it replaced.

Amtrak passengers will be able to make connections to local bus and light-rail service.

The low-level platforms of the station were redesigned to comply with Americans With Disabilities Act standards. The station features a covered pedestrian plaza.

The project was overseen by the New York State Department of Transportation.

The station is served by Amtrak’s Empire Corridor trains between New York and Niagara Falls, New York. The New York-Toronto Maple Leaf also stops at the station.

The Chicago-New York/Boston Lake Shore Limited, however, does not use the tracks passing Exchange Street station.

Station Development Begins in Oakley, California

October 28, 2020

Construction of a platform to serve Amtrak has begun in Oakley, California.

The project is for a 700-foot that will serve San Joaquin Service trains and is expected to be completed in 2022.

Passengers boarding in the Contra Costa County city of 35,000 will be able to reach Oakland less than an hour.

Tuscaloosa New Station Efforts Stall

January 22, 2020

Efforts to create a new Amtrak station in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, have stalled.

Tuscaloosa officials have been trying for years to create a new station, but have been unable to reach an agreement with host Railroad Norfolk Southern.

City officials want to located the station in the Alberta neighborhood, which would put it in close proximity to the campus of the University of Alabama.

The current station, which is served by the New York-New Orleans Crescent, is located on Greensboro Avenue and is in poor condition.

Amtrak has reportedly threatened to cease using the station.

Work on creating a new station began in 2016 but has made little headway.

New Middletown Station Seen As finished in July 2021

January 17, 2020

Construction of a new Amtrak station in Middletown, Pennsylvania, is expected to be completed by July 2021.

But first the project needs to be put out for bid, a process that began on Dec. 19.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is taking bids that are to be opened on Jan. 29.

PennDOT recently held a meeting for prospective contractors who might wish to bid on the project.

The station will be built along West Main Street on the Amtrak Keystone Corridor.

In preparation for station construction, Amtrak is moving the tracks in the vicinity of the station site.

PennDOT is expected to award the winning construction contract bids in March and to give contractors a notice to proceed on March 16.

Just 2 BUILD Grants Will Benefit Amtrak

November 17, 2019

Only two of the rail projects that recently received federal BUILD grants that were awarded by the U.S. Department of Transportation will directly benefit Amtrak service.

Both involve Amtrak stations in Illinois.

A $14 million grant was awarded for building an underpass at the station in Normal, Illinois, that also serves nearby Bloomington.

The federal funds will pay for design and construction of a pedestrian, bicyclist, and passenger underpass and a second boarding platform at the station.

Normal is served by Chicago-St. Louis Lincoln Service trains as well as the Chicago-San Antonio Texas Eagle.

The other grant was $14 million for design and construction of a new multi-modal transportation center in downtown Carbondale.

That station will replace a modular facility Amtrak opened in the 1980s.

Carbondale is the southern terminus of Amtrak’s Illini and Saluki as well as an intermediate stop for the City of New Orleans, which operates between Chicago and New Orleans.

USDOT handed out $900 million in BUILD grants for 55 transportation-related infrastructure projects in 35 states,

Half of the funding went to projects in rural areas of the country and the lion’s share ($603 million) went to highway projects.

Rail projects received $48.3 million or 5 percent of the total. Transit projects received $84.6 million or 10 percent of the total.

Florida received the largest amount of grant funding followed by North Carolina, Maine, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi and Louisiana.

California received two grants while Michigan, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut received no grant funding.

BUILD Grant to be Used for New Carbondale Station

November 8, 2019

Federal grant funds will be used to create a new transportation center in Carbondale, Illinois, that will be used by Amtrak.

The $14 million grant will be used to pay for the design and construction of the new facility, as well as demolition of the existing Amtrak station.

The new facility, once opened, will also serve intercity bus routes.

The funding is being awarded from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Better Utilizing Investment to Leverage Development program.

Carbondale is the southern origination and termination point for the state-funded Illini and Saluki, which operate on Canadian National tracks to and from Chicago.

The city, which is home to Southern Illinois University, is also a station stop and crew change point for the Chicago-New Orleans City of New Orleans

The current Carbondale station opened on Oct. 8, 1981, and was built as part of a grade crossing reduction project.

Middletown Station Work to Begin in 2020

July 19, 2019

Construction of a new Amtrak station is still expected to begin in Middletown, Pennsylvania, in 2020, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has said.

The depot would open in 2021 or 2022 depending on the construction timetable that PennDOT establishes.

A PennDOT spokesman said that Norfolk Southern and Amtrak track relocation must be completed before work can begin on the new station, which will be located on West Main Street.

The NS tracks will be moved first and then Amtrak-owned tracks will be realigned.

The original station design called for an overhead pedestrian bridge over West Main Street that would have connected Penn State Harrisburg on the north side of West Main with the new train station, and with the extended Emaus Street pathway to downtown.

That element of the project has been eliminated after PennDOT officials decided the $7 million was too expensive.

Instead, PennDOT is eyeing changes to West Main Street designed to make it easier for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross the street.

PennDOT has budgeted $32 million for the Middletown station project.

Advocates Push to Establish Amtrak Stop in Blaine

July 19, 2019

The establishment of an Amtrak stop in Blaine, Washington, will hinge upon the willingness of that community along with Whatcom County and the British Columbia cities of South Surrey and White Rock to invest in the project.

Rail passenger advocates have been pushing for a stop for several years in Blaine, which is on Amtrak’s Cascades Service line between Seattle and Vancouver.

All Aboard Washington government affairs director Luis Moscoso said it will be up to the communities to determine how to move forward toward establishment of the station.

“There seems to be enough interest and energy to bring the matter of the Blaine stop, and also an additional midday train, up for consideration,” he said.

Moscoso, a former member of the Washington state legislature, said the Washington State Department of Transportation has “rigorous criteria” that must be met, including financial support from the communities served.

A public meeting about the proposed Blaine station was held last week that was attended by State Representative Luanne Van Werven and the mayor of Blaine.

Rantoul Getting New Amtrak Boarding Facility

July 2, 2019

The new boarding facility for Amtrak in Rantoul, Illinois, is located north of the former Illinois Central station. The current boarding site can be seen beyond the station in a view looking southward.

Rantoul, Illinois, is getting a new Amtrak station but it won’t be far away from the existing stop.

Workers have poured a new concrete platform that is about 200 feet long and 8 inches above the rails.

Other improvements include two handicapped parking spaces, a facility to lift wheelchairs onto the trains, a new passenger shelter and new signage.

Nine decorative light pole are also being installed. Work began last October.

The new boarding site will be at the north end of the existing former Illinois Central depot, which is used by private businesses.

The current Amtrak stop is located at the south end of the IC station.

That facility is nothing more than a bus shelter type facility that will be removed once the new station is ready for use.

The work is being done by George Allen Construction of Mokena, Illinois, which also renovating the Amtrak boarding site in Gilman, Illinois.

The Allen company specializes in train station work and is working on multiple projects around the country.

It did some work on the present Rantoul Amtrak facility when it was installed some seven years ago.

Rantoul is served by the Chicago-Carbondale, Illinois, Saluki and Illini trains that are funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation.