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FRA Sends Congress Trespassing Report

February 23, 2019

The Federal Railroad Administration continues to ramp up its efforts to prevent trespassing on railroad property by sending to Congress a report titled National Strategy to Prevent Trespassing on Railroad Property.

The FRA said that reducing casualties and injuries due to trespassing is one of the agency’s high priorities.

“Almost every trespasser death or injury is preventable and FRA is working to intensify our efforts,” said FRA Administrator Ronald L. Batory. “Now that we have examined current data on contributing factors of the problem, we are seeking to energize our state and local partners to implement solutions and save lives.”

Between November 2013 and October 2017 the top 10 counties for trespasser casualties were Los Angeles; Cook (Chicago); San Bernardino, California; Harris (Houston), Broward, Florida; Palm Beach, Florida; Fresno, California; Riverside, California; Contra Costa, California; and San Diego.

During that period there were 4,242 pedestrians were killed or injured while trespassing on railroad property nationwide. That figure excludes suicides.

In its report, the FRA reviews the causal factors that contribute to trespassing incidents.

By gathering data to determine trespassing “hot spots,” the FRA plans allocate resources to those areas in its efforts to prevent trespassing.
That process also include fields visits to learn more about the specific local circumstances that contribute to trespassing.

The FRA said what it learns will be used to implement and evaluate targeted mitigation strategies.

The agency said it will gauge its success by how much trespassing incidents and casualties are reduced nationwide.