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Survey Finds Amtrak Support on Campuses

April 19, 2016

A survey sponsored by the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission found that more than half of the students, faculty and staff at 30 Midwest colleges said they would be willing to ride Amtrak to and from campus if more frequent service was available.

The online survey, which drew nearly 19,200 respondents in nine Midwest states, was conducted between November 2015 and February 2016.

About of a quarter of the respondents said they had never ridden an Amtrak train to and from school.

Amtrak logoSixty-eight percent said they considered passenger trains to be important for the future of transportation in the United States.

The survey found that 65 percent of those who have ridden to school said that Amtrak service is an important resource for them to be able to attend school.

Forty-four percent of those who have not ridden said they’d be willing to do so if there were stations close to their permanent residences.

Another 28 percent said transportation provided by their school to the nearest Amtrak station might motivate them to use passenger rail in the future.

Of respondents who identified themselves, 75 percent were students, 15 percent were staff and 10 percent were faculty. Of student respondents, 90 percent were full time.

“The survey’s encouraging findings are a good first step,” said Tim Hoeffner, MIPRC’s chair and director of the Office of Rail at the Michigan Department of Transportation. “We look forward to working with our partner states, Amtrak and schools in highlighting the advantages of passenger rail for what is clearly a growth market.”

FRA to Study Chicago-Ohio Rail Corridor

August 20, 2015
Passengers wait in the Amtrak station in Cleveland.

Passengers wait in the Amtrak station in Cleveland.

A rail passenger corridor from Chicago to Ohio will be a focus of the upcoming Midwest passenger rail study to be undertaken by the Federal Railroad Administration.

The FRA will spent $2.8 million to study passenger rail in the Midwest and southeast.

The Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission asked the FRA last November to include the Chicago-Ohio corridor in its planning activities.

The MIPRC applied for passenger-rail planning on behalf of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

MIPRC said that it has received more than 90 letters of support, including some from participating departments of transportation, cities and counties, MPOs, freight railroads elected officials, unions, universities and other advocacy groups.

The FRA study will seek to identify and state a long-term passenger-rail vision for Midwest and southeast.