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Caretaker for Maysville Station Still Open Question

June 7, 2017

Renovations of the Amtrak station in Maysville, Kentucky, are underway, but the question of a caretaker for the depot remains open.

Amtrak is spending more than $500,000 to renovate the station, which is a stop on the route of the Chicago-New York Cardinal.

The improvements will make the station ADA-compliant as well as improve sidewalks, signs, the restrooms and the parking lot.

However, Amtrak wants another organization to take over the task of providing a caretaker and maintaining the station.

Specifically, the passenger carrier wants the city to buy the station, a request that has been spurned by city commissioners. The station is currently owned by CSX.

“We don’t want to [own the building], but if it’s a stipulation of the grant we may have to,” City Manager Matt Wallingford says. Instead, the city is hoping to lease the station rather than buy it.

The city is amendable, though, to working with CSX and Amtrak to provide janitorial services as well as a caretaker service.

Maysville officials are also talking about making other improvements to the station to give it better aesthetic appeal.

That work would use $860,000 in federal grant money with city providing a 20 percent match.

Maysville is located about 65 miles southeast of Cincinnati and is along the former Chesapeake & Ohio mainline.

Maysville Depot Renovation Delayed Until Spring

October 8, 2016

A $500,000 project to renovate the Amtrak station in Maysville, Kentucky, has been delayed until next spring.

Amtrak 4Maysville City Manager Matt Wallingford attributed the delay to Amtrak, adding that the city is disappointed because it had expected the work to be completed by the end of 2016.

Among the improvements that will be made to the station are creating an accessible path of travel from the public right of way to the station; creating ADA-compliant parking spaces with painted striping, signage and bollards; replacement of the walkway serving the second track; installing a new station-based manual lift enclosure; construction of ADA-compliant entrances to building and a new ADA-compliant restroom; and installing platform city identifier signs and ADA-required signage for station and parking.

The city plans to do tuck pointing of the depot exterior, inspecting the roof to ensure that it is in good repair and making cosmetic improvements to the station’s interior and exterior. Wallingford said the scope of the city’s work is dependent on Amtrak’s contribution.

Maysville received last March an $800,000 Transportation Alternative Program grant from the federal government to make improvements to sidewalks and landscaping in the city’s West End, in the area of the depot. The work is part of a Safe Routes to School program.

Wallingford said the city may wait to complete its share of the depot work although that work might begin this year if Amtrak makes its plans available to the city.

Maysville is served by Amtrak’s Chicago-New York Cardinal.

Maysville To Use Grant to Upgrade Station

March 11, 2016

Marysville, Kentucky, officials are planning to use a $800,000 federal grant to, in part, renovate the city’s Amtrak station.

The funds will be added to the $250,000 that Amtrak has said it would spend on the depot, which is served by the tri-weekly Chicago-New York Cardinal.

KentuckyMaysville City Manager Ray Young said the city will contribute $160,000 to the station renovation project, much of it in in-kind labor.

Among the improvements planned for the depot are an accessible walkway from the public right of way to the station, ADA-compliant parking spaces, replacement of the walkway serving a second track, a new station-based manual lift enclosure, new ADA-compliant entrances to the station as well as an ADA-compliant restroom, city identifier signs on the platform and ADA-required signs for the station and parking lot.

Young expects the station project to be completed by early fall. At that point the city will decide how to use the federal grant funds for other station improvements. Those might include tuck pointing the exterior checking the condition of the roof and making cosmetic improvements.

Kentucky Amtrak Station to Receive Renovations

January 7, 2016

Amtrak said this week that it will spend $500,000 to upgrade the station in Maysville, Kentucky, that is used by its Chicago-New York Cardinal.

The renovations were prompted in part by numerous complaints by station users about the state of disrepair of the facility.

“We consider the feedback of our Amtrak-served community leaders to be of the highest import, and we understand what having passenger rail service means to a regional anchor such as Maysville,” said Amtrak government affairs officer Charlie Verde.

Much of the work will be aimed at making the station ADA compliant.

That will include, creating an accessible path from the public right of way to the station, setting aside ADA-compliant parking spaces with painted striping and signs, replacement of the walkway serving the second track, adding a new manual lift enclosure, establishing new entrances to building and an ADA-compliant restroom, and putting up platform city identifier signs and ADA-required signs for the station and parking.

Some of the funding will come from a $250,000 grant that Maysville expects to receive for work in the city’s West End

The station renovations may be complete by this fall.