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Martinsburg Station Work to be Finished in 2020

June 7, 2019

Rehabilitation of the Amtrak station in Martinsburg, West Virginia, is expected to be complete by spring 2020.

The $2 million project will bring the Caperton Train Station into compliance with Americans With Disabilities Act standards.

The work includes building a new platform, upgrades to sidewalks leading to the platform, new directional signage, and the replacement of curbs and sidewalks.

Interior work will include alterations to the existing elevator, handrails and doors. The city of Martinsburg owns the station.

Funding is being provided in part by the Federal Railroad Administration.

The project received approval in April 2018 from the Martinsburg Planning Commission and was reviewed by the city’s Historic Preservation Review Commission and the Berkeley County Roundhouse Authority.

As part of the project, workers will install new fencing and gates for the historic Baltimore and Ohio Railroad shop buildings next to the station.

Martinsburg is served by Amtrak’s Chicago-Washington Capitol Limited.

Martinsburg to get Improved Station Facilities

January 2, 2018

Amtrak is planning upgrades to its station in Martinsburg, West Virginia, including a new boarding platform and better access for disabled Amtrak passengers

Construction of the new 12-foot wide concrete platform, along with signage, lighting, and a wheelchair-lift enclosure could begin this spring and take 16 months to complete.

The changes will be reviewed on Jan. 8 by the Martinsburg Historic Preservation Review Commission.

A site-plan review by the Martinsburg Planning Commission is expected to be conducted in February.

The review is needed because the work will occur near the historic Baltimore & Ohio roundhouse in Martinsburg.

The platform will be built on the east side of tracks owned by CSX. It will be 440 feet in length and sit 8 inches above the rails. An existing existing asphalt center platform will be removed and new fencing installed.

Martinsburg is served by Amtrak’s Chicago-Washington Capitol Limited.