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Texas Eagle P42 Catches Fire After Crash

August 23, 2018

The Texas Eagle caught fire this week after being involved in a grade crossing accident near Longview, Texas. No injuries were reported aboard the train.

The westbound Eagle struck a pick-up truck that was being towed. News reports indicated that a towing strap broke and No. 21 hit the pick-up at about 15 to 20 mph.

The head-end crew saw the truck stalled on the rails and had slowed the train from 60 mph when the crash occurred.

After the collision, the pick-up was dragged about 200 yards. It and the locomotive caught fire, prompting the crew to evacuate the train.

A Harrison County Sheriff’s Office spokesman said the fire was intense enough that it “melted the front of the train.”

Amtrak said the 145 passengers and crew members on board were taken by school buses to an area church to wait for chartered buses that took them to their destination.

Marshall Station Closed for Construction

September 12, 2017

Due to construction, the Amtrak station in Marshall, Texas, wlll be closed through Sept. 19.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said passengers traveling to Marshall on Texas Eagle No. 21 should disembark at Longview, Texas, and board Thruway Bus 6121 to Marshall.

Those traveling to Marshall on Train No. 22, should also detrain at Longview, but catch Thruway bus 6422.

Passengers originating in Marshall will board Thruway bus 6421 if traveling on No. 21 and Thruway bus 6122 if traveling on Train No. 22. In both cases, passengers will be taken to Longview to board their train.

The station work in Marshall includes construction of a new ADA compliant elevator, ticket office and walkway to the train platform.

Westbound Texas Eagle to Detour in Texas May 1-8

April 26, 2017

Amtrak’s westbound Texas Eagle is being detoured in Texas between May 1 and 8 due to track work being performed by Union Pacific.

The train will miss its scheduled stops at Marshall and Longview, Texas.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said passengers boarding at Shreveport, Louisiana; Marshall, Texas; and Longview, Texas, will board Thruway bus 6421 to Mineola, Texas, where they will board Train 21/421.

Passengers on Nos. 21/421 who are traveling to Shreveport, Marshall and Longview will detrain at Mineola and ride Thruway bus 6121 to their destination. Bus 6121 will originate at Mineola instead of Longview.

Those on Nos. 21/421 who are scheduled to make connections with Thruway bus 6021 at Longview will also detrain at Mineola and take Thruway Bus 6021 to their destination. Bus 6021 will originate in Mineola instead of Longview.

During this period, Amtrak personnel will be available at Mineola to assist customers.