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Washington Eyes Canadian Fund for High-Speed Route

January 8, 2018

A new $35 billion Canadian infrastructure bank might be used to help develop a high-speed ground transportation route between Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia.

The fund was established to develop economic growth within Canada by using public funds to attract private investment for major infrastructure projects, such as bridges, transit systems and rail lines, as well as cross-border projects.

Washington state governor Jay Inslee wants to study the possibility of using the bank, saying that,“The CIB, once fully operational, could provide a potential key source to finance major infrastructure projects such as the UHSGT project.”

A report issued by Washington state said the HSR project could satisfy the CIB’s financial and commercial requirements, such as generating revenue.

The proposed line could extend southward to Portland, Oregon, and feature trains traveling at speeds of up to 250 mph.

The estimated cost of the line is between $24 billion and $42 billion. The technology used could be high-speed rail, magnetic-levitation rail or a hyperloop.