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Amtrak Donates Surplus Food to Food Banks

May 6, 2020

Food supplies that were planned to be served to Amtrak passengers are being donated to food banks across the nation rather than seeing that food wasted.

Amtrak officials said they are donating surplus perishiables and short-dated items that otherwise would go unused.

The officials said the food became surplus because of lighter passenger loads and the change to flexible dining in place of full-service dining cars on western long-distance trains.

Food banks receiving the donations include King Majesty Ministries in Chicago; St. Jude’s Community Center in New Orleans; Brookline Food Co-Op in Boston; City Harvest in New York; Central Union Mission in Washington, D.C,; Curley’s House Food Bank in Miami; Northwest Harvest in Seattle; Food Finders in Los Angeles, and Operation Dignity Inc. in Oakland, California.