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Siemens Wins Passenger Locomotive Contract

March 19, 2014

Despite protests from EMD, Siemens has won a $225 million contract to build 32 diesel passenger locomotives for a multi-state procurement being led by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

The Illinois agency represented departments of transportation from California, Michigan, Washington and Missouri.

Siemens will build the 32 locomotives, with an option for 225 additional locomotives, in Sacramento, Calif.

The Tier 4-compliant locomotives are based on Siemens’ Vectron platform already in use in Europe. They will be powered by 4,400 hp Cummins QSK95 prime movers.

EMD, which is headquartered in Illinois, said it has filed formal complaints with the Illinois Procurement Policy Board as well as the Chancery Court in Cook County, Reuters reports.

EMD believe that the IDOT “unfairly evaluated and scored offers and improperly relaxed the specified performance requirements when making its selection,” the report says.
A previous protest filed with IDOT in February was denied.

EMD Files Protest Over Locomotive Choice

February 7, 2014

Electro-Motive Diesel is protesting the selection process for an order of new locomotives to be used on state-supported Amtrak trains.

EMD filed a formal protest with the Illinois Department of Transportation over the multi-state locomotive procurement contract for as many as 35 locomotives. IDOT had issued to Siemens Industry a Notice of Intent to Award on Dec. 18, 2013.

IDOT, in conjunction with the California Department of Transportation and the Washington Department of Transportation, issued the procurement and formed the joint purchasing entities.

EMD’s protest letter reads, in part, that the proposed award to Siemens “does not meet the Illinois Procurement Code requirement that ‘[a]wards shall be made to the responsible offer or whose proposal is determined in writing to be the most advantageous to the State, taking into consideration price and the evaluation factors set forth in the request for proposals.’ In short, Siemens is not a ‘responsible offer or’ and its offer is not ‘responsive’ with respect to the Procurement. EMD is confident that after IDOT reviews the facts presented in this protest, an award to Siemens will be deemed to be contrary to Illinois law, in addition to being inconsistent with the interests of the taxpaying public and the JPEs. . . Pursuant to Illinois General Assembly [law], any award for this Procurement must be stayed until this protest is resolved.”

EMD argues that the locomotive that Siemen’s would build is incapable of achieving and sustaining speeds of 125 mph as required in the procurement specifications.

The EMD protest letter contends that the Siemens locomotive is shown to be only 4,200 BHP (brake horsepower)-rated. “It is not possible for a locomotive to achieve, let alone sustain, 125 mph with merely 4,200 BHP in the train configurations specified in the Procurement, despite the ‘BOOST’ feature provided in Siemens’s design. The ‘BOOST’ feature appears to elevate the locomotive’s BHP to 4,400 for ‘a controlled period of time,’ which allows its locomotive ‘to achieve a higher acceleration or top speed.’ In the context of ‘higher acceleration or top speed,’ the ‘top speed’ on the Siemens locomotive would be something less than 125 mph because it lacks sufficient horsepower,” the EMD letter said.

EMD acknowledged that the Siemens locomotive can achieve 125 mph, “but only while operating downhill. To contemplate such operational limits in real-life service would be unrealistic, not likely acceptable to the public, and could not have possibly been IDOT’s intent,” EMD wrote. .