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Heading Out of Big D

December 1, 2020

An Amtrak conductor waits to throw a switch as Amtrak’s Texas Eagle leaves Dallas Union Station.

The conductor will reboard the train after the switch is lined back to it normal position.

The image was made on March 5, 1997. At the time P40 locomotives were fairly new and some F40PH locomotives could still be found in motive power consists.

Departing Big D

June 3, 2020

Amtrak’s westbound Texas Eagle has completed its station work in Dallas. The conductor has given a highball and its time to depart for Fort Worth.

The guy in the blue shirt is an Amtrak conductor who will throw a switch behind the train after it leaves the station track and then get aboard the last car.

Note that when this image was made on March 6, 1997, Amtrak was still in the transition phase between Genesis locomotives and F40s.

The Genesis series was still new then and F40s has been relegated to trailing unit duty on the road.

Dallas Union Station to Get New Name

October 22, 2016

Dallas Union Station will be renamed the Eddie Bernice Johnson Union Station, in part as part of a celebration of the depot’s 100th anniversary.

Amtrak Texas EagleOpened in 1916, the station serves Amtrak and TRE, DART rail and buses. Amtrak serves Dallas with the daily Chicago-San Antonia Texas Eagle.

Although not as busy as it once was, DUS hosts about 80 trains a day.