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Mobile Meeting Set to Address Concerns

July 9, 2019

A fact-funding meeting has been scheduled in Mobile, Alabama, on July 12 to address concerns raised in the Gulf Coast city about a prospective return of Amtrak service there.

The purpose of the meeting to which more than 40 community leaders have been invited is to “listen to the absolute factual information on operational costs, fares, ridership, and everything that will pertain to the New Orleans-to-Mobile route,” said Wiley Blankenship, president and CEO of the Coastal Alabama Partnership and a member of the Southern Rail Commission.

Although the states of Mississippi and Louisiana have committed state funds for the project, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey earlier this year declined to approve a $2.7-million share of the funding.

Some Mobile officials have cited concerns about high ticket prices and asked if Amtrak trains will interfere with access to a ship terminal.

In response to a comment by Mobile City Councilman Joel Daves that fares might be $180 tickets based on the cost of Amtrak fares for similar distances elsewhere, Blankenship said comparable fares for state-supported services range from $25 to $45.

Mobile was served by Amtrak’s Sunset Limited until August 2005 when damage inflicted by Hurricane Katrina prompted suspension of the service east of New Orleans.