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2 Piedmonts Canceled Due to Track Work

July 19, 2021

Track work being performed by Norfolk Southern has led to the cancellation of Piedmont Service trains 74 and 75 between July 19 to 22.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said other Piedmont Service trains and the New York-Charlotte Carolinian would not be affected by the track work and would operate as normal.

No alternative transportation is being provided for passengers displaced from Nos. 74 and 75 during the period.

The trains operate between Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Changes Made to NC Connector Service

May 21, 2021

The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation has modified some NC Connector service between High Point and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

PART will incorporate Route 1 and Route 3 to allow connections between High Point and Winston-Salem.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said passengers will need to transfer at PARTs Coble Transportation Center in Greensboro from one route to another, depending on direction of travel.

Passengers boarding at the Winston-Salem Clark Campbell Transportation Center or Winston-Salem State University will board PART Route 1 schedule service to the Coble Transportation Center.

Upon boarding, the driver will verify travel document and issue a PART Paper Token. The Winston Salem State University stop has been relocated just north of the current stop to Union Station.

When arriving at Coble Transportation Center, passengers will use the PART Paper Token to transfer onto PART Route 3 schedule service that will proceed to the High Point Train station.

Westbound passengers coming from Piedmont and Carolinian trains will need to collect a PART Paper Token from a station agent before proceeding on PART Route 3 schedule service to Coble Transportation Center.

When arriving at Coble Transportation Center, passengers will use the PART Paper Token to transfer onto Route 1 schedule service that will proceed to the Winston-Salem Clark Campbell Transportation Center and then Winston-Salem State University.

Route 1 connections at the Winston-Salem Clark Cable Station are at the L-1 slip located on the side of WS Depot facility on North Liberty Street.

At Winston-Salem University,  Route 1 connections are located at the PART Bus Stop sign in front of the Union Station building. Passengers have three routes to connect to campus.

At the High Point Terminal,  Route 3 connections are at the High Point Terminal Outer Slip.

3rd Piedmont Service RT To be Reinstated

March 27, 2021

Amtrak in cooperation with the North Carolina Department of Transportation will restore the third daily Piedmont Service roundtrip on April 5 in the Charlotte-Raleigh corridor.

In a news release, Amtrak said this will restore Piedmont Service to its pre-pandemic level.

The state also funds a fourth pair of trains in the corridor, the Charlotte-New York Carolinian.

Intermediate stops include Cary, Durham, Burlington, Greensboro, High Point, Salisbury and Kannapolis. 

Third Piedmont to Begin April 5

March 5, 2021

A third Piedmont Service roundtrip will begin operating between Charlotte and Raleigh on April. 5.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation Rail Division said Train 77 will depart Raleigh at 3 p.m., arriving at Charlotte at 6:10 p.m.

Train No. 78 will depart Charlotte at 7 p.m. and arriving in Raleigh at 10:11 p.m.

Salisbury Station to Get Second Boarding Platform

March 5, 2021

A second boarding platform will be built at the Amtrak station in Salisbury, North Carolina.

The city council of Salisbury approved an agreement with the North Carolina Department of Transportation for the $19.75 million project.

The cost includes right-of –way acquisition to enable expanded freight and passenger service at the station location.

Most of the funding will come from the state with the city chipping in $780,000.

Work is expected to be finished in 2024. Salisbury is served by the Crescent, Piedmont Service and the Carolinian.

Piedmont Roundtrip to be Restored

August 7, 2020

Amtrak will restore operation of one roundtrip of the state-funded Piedmont Service in North Carolina on Aug. 10.

The service, which is funded by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, had been suspended in May due to declining ridership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online reports indicated that Nos. 73 and 76 will return using Amtrak equipment of a P42DC locomotive and Amfleet coaches.

Currently the only Amtrak service between Raleigh and Charlotte is the Carolinian, which operated between Charlotte and New York and is also funded by NCDOT.

In a news release, NCDOT said passengers will be required to wear facial coverings in stations and on trains.

The capacity of the trains is being limited in order to enable physical distancing.

NCDOT rail division spokeswoman Katie Trout said Piedmont service is returning due to a uptick in ridership in the Raleigh-Charlotte corridor.

Trout said demand for rail travel in North Carolina had dropped 95 percent by mid-April but has since rebounded.

The Carolinian, she said, is now operating at 50 percent of its 2019 ridership.

“We are seeing a growing demand for service as folks look to safely get back out,” she said.

Before the pandemic struck last spring NCDOT and Amtrak had operated three Piedmont Service roundtrips between Raleigh and Charlotte.

That fell to one roundtrip in late March when the Carolinian also was suspended.

In May, the Carolinian was reinstated and the last Piedmont Service still running was dropped.

Piedmonts to be Suspended, Carolinian Reinstated

May 15, 2020

Amtrak’s Piedmont Service trains 75 and 76 will be suspended after their trips on May 17 because the North Carolina Department of Transportation is trying to save money.

Piedmonts 73, 74, 77 and 78 had been suspended earlier due to ridership declines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NCDOT officials said tax revenue is down sharply during the pandemic and the agency has been forced to trim spending.

However, service between Charlotte and Raleigh won’t vanish completely.

The New York-Charlotte Carolinian will resume operating on May 18 but will operate only between Charlotte and Raleigh.

NCDOT Director of the Rail Division Jason Orthner said the state hopes that resumption of service by the Carolinian to New York will happen sometime in June.

However, the Amtrak reservation system shows the Carolinian as operating north of Raleigh starting June 1.

Currently Piedmonts 75 and 76 are the only intercity rail service between Charlotte and Raleigh.

Orthner said suspending Piedmont Service will save NCDOT about $13,000 a day, primarily due to not operating the state-owned locomotives and passenger cars.

The equipment used on the Carolinian is owned by Amtrak.

He said NCDOT continues to pay Amtrak provide passenger rail service in North Carolina during the pandemic, though at a 20 percent discount because of a subsidy provided through the CARES Act.

How long the Piedmonts are suspended will depend on how long the pandemic lasts and when state finances improve.

“We don’t have a definitive timeframe yet,” Orthner said.

NCDOT is projecting a loss of $300 million less in revenue than expected in March, April and May, and forecasts losses will be higher in the coming year.

Officials have attributed the revenue loss to falling taxes collected from the fuel sale and fewer fees being paid to the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Under normal circumstances Amtrak operates four roundtrips between Charlotte and Raleigh per day, all funded by the state.

2 Piedmonts to Be Canceled on Feb. 18

February 14, 2020

Amtrak Piedmont Trains 74 and 77 will be canceled on Feb. 18 due to Norfolk Southern track work.

The trains operate in North Carolina, between Charlotte and Raleigh. In a service advisory Amtrak said no alternate transportation will be provided.

All other Carolinian (New York-Charlotte) and Piedmont service trains will operate normally.



Track Work to Dispute Carolinian, Piedmonts

October 26, 2019

Norfolk Southern track work will disrupt operations of some Piedmont and Carolinian trains on Oct. 29.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said Piedmont Service Trains 74, 75, 76 and 77 will be cancelled and alternate transportation will not be provided.

The Carolinian from Charlotte, North Carolina, to New York, will originate at Raleigh, North Carolina.

No alternate transportation is being provided between Charlotte and Raleigh.

All other Carolinian and Piedmont trains will operate normally on Oct. 29.


Hearing Set for Proposed NC Station Project

October 22, 2019

A second platform is planned by the North Carolina Department of Transportation for the Amtrak station in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

NCDOT will host a public meeting on Oct. 24 to gather opinions on the need for the platform at the station that is served by the state-supported Carolinian and Piedmont trains.

The existing single platform is located on one side of the double-track North Carolina Railroad/Norfolk Southern Main Line.

NCDOT has proposed building a pedestrian overpass from South Ridge Avenue and South Main Street to the platform.

In addition to the public meeting, NCDOT will accept comments via email and phone through Nov. 7.

All comments will be reviewed and considered for the final design, department officials said.