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Maple Leaf to be Affected by Bridge Construction

August 19, 2019

Amtrak’s Maple Leaf will originate and terminate in Niagara Falls, New York, between Sept. 9 and Nov. 1 due to bridge construction that will close the rail deck of the bridge the train uses between the United States and Canada.

The Whirlpool Rapids Bridge will be closed during that period and passengers will ride a charter bus between Niagara Falls and Toronto that will not stop at the intermediate stations in Ontario of Niagara Falls, St. Catherines, Grimsby, Aldershot and Oakville.

The double-deck bridge is owned by the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission and accommodates vehicular traffic on its lower deck.

Amtrak reportedly is the only current rail user of the bridge and took over maintenance of it from Canadian National in 2012.

In Canada the Maple Leaf is operated by VIA Rail Canada.

Track Work to Affect San Joaquins

August 17, 2019

Track work being conducted by BNSF will affect the operation of some San Joaquin trains on Aug. 21-24 and 26-29.

On Aug 21-23 and 26-28, Train 718 will operate from Oakland to Merced with Bus 1718 operating from Merced to Bakersfield, making station stops at Fresno and Hanford.

No alternate service will be provided for Madera, Corcoran or Wasco.

Bus 5818 will wait at Bakersfield for connecting passengers from Bus 1718.

On Aug. 22-24 and 27-29, Train 713 will operate from Merced to Oakland with Bus 1713 operating 60 minutes earlier from Bakersfield to Merced, making the station stops at Fresno and Hanford. No alternate service will be provided for Corcoran, Wasco or Madera.

Bus 5413 from San Bernardino, Bus 5713 from Los Angeles and Bus 5813 from Santa Ana will operate 60 minutes earlier at all stops to Bakersfield.

Track Work to Affect Some Cascades

August 15, 2019

On Aug. 20, Train 517, will operate between Seattle and Portland with alternate transportation provided, by Bus 3517 to missed stops at Seattle, Edmonds, Everett, Stanwood, Mount Vernon, Bellingham and Vancouver.

Trains  516 and 519 will be cancelled and alternate transportation will be provided on Bus 4519 to missed stops at Seattle, Edmonds, Everett, Stanwood, Mount Vernon, Bellingham and Vancouver.

Track Work to Affect Eastern Corridor Trains

August 7, 2019

Empire Builder to be Affected by BNSF Track Work

August 2, 2019

BNSF track work will affect the operations of the Portland section of the Empire Builder on Aug. 4 and 5.

Train 27 will terminate at Spokane, Washington and alternate transportation will be provided to the missed station stops of Wishram, Bingen-White Salmon, Vancouver and Portland.

Bus 6027 will operate from Spokane to Portland connecting with Train 27 at Spokane.

Train 28 will originate at Spokane with alternate transportation being provided to the missed station stops of Portland, Vancouver, Bingen-White Salmon and Wishram.

Bus 6028 will operate from Portland to Spokane connecting with Train 28 at Spokane.

Track Work to Affect Carbondale Line Service Aug. 2

August 2, 2019

CONO Skeds Adjusted For CN Track Work

July 26, 2019

Track work being performed by Canadian National will affect the operation of Amtrak’s City of New Orleans between July 29 and Aug. 2.

No. 58 will depart Jackson, Mississippi, during the period at 7:44 p.m., 2 hours later than normal and operate on a later schedule to Chicago.

Connecting buses from New Orleans to Jackson will operate two hours later at all stations.

Train No. 59 will depart Chicago at at 9:05 p.m., one hour later than normal, and operate on a later schedule at all stations from Chicago to Jackson.

Connecting buses from Jackson to New Orleans will operate an hour later at all stations between Jackson and New Orleans.

Between Aug. 5 and Aug. 8, Train 58 will originate in Memphis while No. 59 will terminate in Memphis. Both trains will operate on their normal schedule.

Alternative transportation will be provided between Memphis and Jackson but there will be no alternate transportation to the missed station stops in Mississippi at Marks, Greenwood and Yazoo City.

Track Work Affects Lincoln Service, Texas Eagle

July 26, 2019

CSX Track Work to Disrupt Amtrak Southeast Trains

July 16, 2019

CSX track work will cause widespread service disruptions, particularly in North Carolina, starting on July 22 and extending to Sept. 19.

The New York-Charlotte Carolinian will operate only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday over the length of its route.

On Monday through Thursday Nos. 79 and 80 will operate only between Raleigh and Charlotte.

No alternative transportation is being provided to missed stations.

Starting July 21, the northbound Silver Star will depart Miami at 3:40 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday and operate as No. 1092.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said No. 1092 will operate two hours later than its published schedule from Miami to Jacksonville, Florida; three hours later from Jacksonville to Savannah, Georgia; and four hours later north of Savannah.

The northbound Star will operate on its regular schedule from Miami to New York on Thursday through Saturday. No. 1092 will stop at Wilson, North

The southbound Palmetto will operate on its normal schedule from New York to Richmond, Virginia , but starting July 22 will depart Richmond an hour later than the current schedule Monday through Thursday and continue that schedule to Savannah.

The Palmetto will operate normally Friday through Sunday.

The southbound Silver Star and northbound Palmetto will operate normally throughout the period that track work is being conducted.

Buses to Replace Select Wolverines July 16, 17

July 16, 2019

Certain Amtrak Wolverine Service trains will be replaced by chartered buses on July 16 and 17.

Workers are conducting track work and replacing a bridge in Michigan.

On July 16, Train No. 354 from Chicago to Pontiac (Detroit) will terminate at Albion, Michigan, with bus service provided to passengers traveling to Jackson, Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Detroit, Royal Oak, Troy and Pontiac via Bus 3354.

On July 17 Train 353 will originate in Battle Creek, Michigan, with Bus 3353 picking up passengers at Pontiac, Troy, Royal Oak, Detroit, Dearborn, Ann Arbor and Jackson.

Bus 3353 will not connect to Train 353 and will not stop at Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Dowagiac, Niles, New Buffalo and Hammond-Whiting.

Bus schedules will follow train schedules. All other Wolverine Service trains will operate as scheduled.