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Staff Shortages Most Acute in Mechanical

March 7, 2022

The staff shortages that Amtrak cited when extending the suspension of some services beyond late March are most acute in the mechanical department, Trains magazine reported on its website.

Trains quoted Amtrak spokesman Marc Magilari as saying that as of the middle of February “vacancies in the mechanical department are acute.”

In late January, Amtrak reduced the frequency of operation of most long distance trains to five days a week with plans to restore those trains to daily operation starting March 28.

But only the Chicago-Washington Capitol Limited,; Chicago-San Antonio Texas Eagle, and the Seattle-Los Angeles Coast Starlight will resume daily operation on March 28.

Some Chicago-Milwaukee Hiawatha service and New York City-Albany/Rensselaer, New York Empire Corridor frequencies also will be reinstated.

Northeast corridor and state supported corridor services that were curtailed in late January also will remain sidelined.

Trains said Magliari indicated that having fewer shop workers means many locomotives and passenger cars that were idled in 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic, when even more trains incurred service suspensions and frequency reductions, have yet to return to service.

This has led to delays and in some instances cancellations at originating terminals when equipment malfunctions and spares are not available.

 “There is a direct connection between our staffing levels and sizing of our consists,” Magliari told Trains. “We’ve said it will be many months before we will have full availability of the active fleet and that remains the case, including our own staffing challenges and those of our suppliers.”

The Trains report suggested that management decisions made during previous two years have aggravated a situation in which Amtrak is struggling to hire replacements for workers who were given buy outs or furloughed.

In the meantime trains are operating with shorter than normal consists and Amtrak has decline to say if or when idled Superliner Sightseer lounges and transition sleepers will return to the Capitol Limited or Texas Eagle.

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Amtrak Extends Some Service Suspensions

March 4, 2022

Amtrak indicated on Thursday that some trains will not resume daily operation on March 28 as the passenger carrier had earlier indicated they would.

Trains that will continue to operate five days a week include the Empire Builder, California Zephyr, Southwest Chief, Lake Shore Limited, City of New Orleans, and Crescent.

The Capitol Limited, Texas Eagle, and Coast Starlight will resume daily operation on March 28.

On that date, all seven Chicago-Milwaukee Hiawatha weekday round trips and full weekend service will be restored, as will nine weekday trips each way between New York City and Albany-Rensselaer, New York.

Other state-supported and Northeast Corridor cuts announced in January are to continue indefinitely.
Most notable among those in Midwest corridors is the southbound Saluki from Chicago to Carbondale, Illinois, and northbound Illini from Carbondale to Chicago.

The suspension of the Silver Meteor, which had been suspended in its entirety, will continue.

Amtrak has not said when suspended trains will be reinstated. “We continue to work on further frequency additions for the coming months as staffing and other resources allow,” Amtrak said in a statement.

In the meantime, the passenger carrier has been notifying passengers booked to travel in April and May on dates of which there will be no service that they need to reschedule their trips.

Trains magazine reported on its website that the affected long-distance trains are shown in the Amtrak reservation system as being reinstated to full daily service between May 23-28.

However, an Amtrak spokesman told Trains that that is its spring schedule and the company will announce its summer schedules at a later date.

In a statement to Trains, Amtrak said the continued service suspensions are due to “staffing and hiring shortages for skilled technical employees caused by the pandemic.”

The statement said Amtrak is working toward restoring train frequ3nces “in the coming months as our hiring, training and staffing levels advance.”

Railfan & Railroad magazine reported on its website that Amtrak officials cited hiring challenges for the service suspensions continuation.

Another Snowstorm, More Cancellations

February 16, 2022

Here comes another winter storm and with it another round of Amtrak service cancellations.

In a service advisory, Amtrak cited “forecasted impacts from the winter storm and for the safety of our customers and employees.”

On Thursday (Feb. 17), Lincoln Service Nos. 304 and 305 (Chicago-St. Louis ) are cancelled. Lincoln Service trains 300, 301, 302, 303, 306 and 307 will operate as schedule.

Lincoln Service Nos. 300 and 301 are canceled on Friday (Feb. 18). Nos. 302, 303, 304, 305, 306 and 307 will operate as scheduled.

Also on Thursday, Missouri River Runner No. 313 is canceled from St. Louis to Kansas City, Missouri. Pere Marquette No. 370 is cancelled from Chicago to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

On Friday (Feb. 18), Missouri River Runner No. 314 is canceled from Kansas City to St. Louis. Pere Marquette No. 371 is cancelled from Grand Rapids to Chicago.

Tracks Work to Disrupt Pacific Surfliners

February 9, 2022

Track work on the route used by Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner trains will result in schedule changes on Feb. 19 and 20. Also affected will be the Los Angeles-Seattle Coast Starlight.

Train 761 will terminate at Los Angeles with passengers accommodated on Bus 4861 from Los Angeles to Oxnard. Train 1761 will operate from Oxnard to San Luis Obispo.

Train 765 will terminate at Los Angeles with Bus 4865 operating in its place from Los Angeles to Oxnard. Train 1765 will operate from Oxnard to Goleta.

Train 777 will terminate at Los Angeles and be replaced by Bus 4877 from Los Angeles to Oxnard. Train 1777 will operate from Oxnard to San Luis Obispo.

Train 785 will terminate at Los Angeles with Bus 4885 operating from Los Angeles to Oxnard and Train 1785 operating from Oxnard to Goleta.

There will be no alternate transportation provided to the missed stations of Glendale, Burbank Airport, Chatsworth, Simi Valley, Moorpark or Camarillo.

Northbound Buses 4861, 4865, 4877, 4885 and Trains 1761, 1765, 1777, 1785 schedules may not match normal station arrival/departure times.

Train 770  will originate at Los Angeles. Train 1770 will operate from Goleta to Oxnard and operate as Bus 4870 from Oxnard to Los Angeles.

Train 774 will operate as Train 1774 from San Luis Obispo to Oxnard, as Bus 4874 from Oxnard to Los Angeles and as Train 774 from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Train 784 will originate at Los Angeles. Train 1784 will operate from Goleta to Oxnard and operate as Bus 4884 from Oxnard to Los Angeles.

Train 794 will operate as Train 1794 between San Luis Obispo and Oxnard and as Bus 4894 from Oxnard to Los Angeles. Connection will be maintained at Los Angeles to Train 594.

No alternative transportation will be provided to missed stations of Glendale, Burbank Airport, Chatsworth, Simi Valley, Moorpark or Camarillo.

The schedules of buses 4870, 4874, 4884, 4894 and Trains 1770, 1774, 1784, 1794 may not match normal station arrival/departure times.

The Coast Starlight on Feb. 19 and 20 will be annulled between Sacramento and Los Angeles.

No alternate transportation will be provided to Davis, Martinez, Emeryville, Oakland Jack London Square, San Jose, Salinas, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Oxnard, Simi Valley, Van Nuys, Burbank and Los Angeles.

Passengers have the option of traveling on some of their journey aboard San Joaquins, Capitol Corridor, Pacific Surfliner and Thruway bus services.

Amtrak Updates Winter Storm Service Cuts

February 3, 2022

Amtrak has updated its list of service cancellations and modifications due to winter storm Landon. The update includes service changes set for Friday.

Today (Feb. 3) the following trains have been cancelled:

The Cardinal from Chicago to New York; the Capitol Limited from Chicago to Washington; the Saluki from Carbondale, Illinois, to Chicago; the Illini from Chicago to Carbondale; Lincoln Service Nos. 300 and 302 from St. Louis to Chicago; the Pere Marquette from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Chicago; all Wolverine Service trains between Chicago and Pontiac, Michigan; the Blue Water in both directions between Chicago and Port Huron, Michigan; the Missouri River Runners in both directions between St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri; the City of New Orleans in both directions between Chicago and New Orleans; and the Heartland Flyer from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth, Texas.

Some trains today will operate on modified schedules. They include the Vermonter, which will terminate and originate at New Haven, Connecticut; and the northbound Ethan Allen Express, which will terminate at Albany-Rensselaer, New York.

On Friday (Feb. 4) the Missouri River Runner is cancelled from Kansas City to St. Louis.

Also on Friday the Vermonter will terminate and originate in New Haven while the Ethan Allen Express will originate in Albany-Rensselaer.

In an unrelated development, the southbound City of New Orleans that departed Chicago on Monday was terminated south of Greenwood, Mississippi, on Tuesday.

Amtrak said alternate bus transportation was provided for the passengers. Amtrak said on Titter that the train halted south of Greenwood due to a vehicle incident.

Storm Leads to Cancellations, Modifications

January 30, 2022

Amtrak updated its service advisory on Saturday afternoon to show service modifications and cancellations for Sunday (Jan. 30) due to a severe winter storm that dumped heavy snow on the East Coast, particularly in Boston and New York.

Northeast Regional trains 150, 160, 161 and 162 are cancelled between Boston and New York as are Acela trains 2250 and 2253. Also cancelled is Downeaster No. 690 (Brunswick, Maine, to Boston).

Service modifications include two trains originating in New York rather than Boston. They include Northeast Regional train 195 to Richmond, Virginia, and Northeast Regional train 99 to Newport News, Virginia.

The Carolinian to Charlotte, North Carolina, will originate in Washington rather than New York.

Amtrak Cancels Trains Due to Snowstorm

January 29, 2022

Amtrak announced Friday afternoon widespread service cancellations ahead of a winter storm expected to hit the Northeast today and dump up to two feet of snow in some areas.

Although most of the cancellations involve Eastern corridor services, some long-distance trains are affected, including the Lake Shore Limited.

Nos. 48 and 448 did not depart Chicago on Friday night. Combined with a scheduled cancellation of the Capitol Limited, this meant that no Amtrak trains for the East Coast departed Chicago on Friday.

Through late March, the Capitol is scheduled to skip departing Chicago and Washington on Fridays and Saturdays.

Amtrak’s website shows the Lake Shore still scheduled to leave Chicago Saturday night.

However, the westbound Lake Shore Limited from New York and Boston on Saturday has been cancelled, meaning there will be no Amtrak service from the East Coast to Chicago leaving today.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said the northbound New York-Charlotte Carolinian will terminate in Washington on Saturday. The southbound Carolinian will originate in Washington on Sunday.

The same plan is in effect for the New York-Savannah, Georgia Palmetto.

The New York-Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is thus far unaffected by the service cuts, but Keystone Service between New York and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, via Philadelphia, will be limited. No Keystone trains will operate between Philadelphia and New York.

The Vermonter will be canceled Saturday the length of its route.

Empire Corridor service will be limited between New York and Albany-Rensselaer, New York, but the Maple Leaf and other trains to Niagara Falls, New York, are still scheduled to operate.

All service between New York and Boston, as well as the shuttle trains between Springfield, Massachusetts, and New Haven, Connecticut, are canceled on Saturday.

Also canceled are all Acela trains between Washington and New York. Four Northeast Regional trains, including two that operate into Virginia, have been scrubbed. Downeaster service between Boston and Maine will be limited.

On Sunday Northeast Regional Nos. 150 and 160 (Boston-New York) are cancelled as is Downeaster No. 690.

Northeast Regional No. 195 (Boston-Richmond, Virginia) will originate in New York as will No. 195 (Boston-Newport News, Virginia).

Track Work Leads to Palmetto Cancellations

January 25, 2022

Track work being performed by CSX has led Amtrak to cancel the Palmetto in both directions on Jan. 26 and 27.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said no alternative transportation is being offered. Trains 89 and 90 operate daily between New York and Savannah, Georgia.

In an unrelated development, Amtrak also said the elevator in the station in New Carrollton, Maryland, is temporarily out of service.

The advisory said the elevators is expected to be out of service for five weeks due to construction taking place at the station.

The elevators connects the station waiting area with the boarding platforms.

New Carrollton is located on the Northeast Corridor 10 miles north of Washington Union Station.

Details Set For Amtrak Service Cancellations

January 18, 2022

Amtrak’s service cancellations of long-distance trains that take effect on Jan. 24 will mean that trains will not depart from their terminal of origin on consecutive days, Trains magazine reported on its website on Monday.

The cancellations, which extend through late March, were announced on Jan. 14. At the time Amtrak, cited employee shortages prompted largely by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in large numbers of workers being off work due to being sick or having to quarantine after being exposed to someone with COVID-19

The announcement said 8 percent of departures would be cancelled system wide and 6 percent of its state-supported network trains.

As it turned out in the Midwest the only trains to be affected will be one roundtrip between Chicago and Carbondale, Illinois, and several Hiawatha Service trips between Chicago and Milwaukee.

All trains in the Chicago-St. Louis; Chicago-Michigan; Chicago-Quincy, Illinois; and St. Louis-Kansas City corridors will continue operating daily as scheduled.

Canceled until March 27 in the Chicago-Carbondale corridor was the southbound Saluki and northbound Illini. The suspension of Nos. 391 and 392 became effective Jan. 18.

The days that long distance trains will cease operating starting Jan. 27 are staggered.

Among western long distance trains the Southwest Chief (Chicago-Los Angeles) will not depart on Monday and Tuesday. The California Zephyr (Chicago-Emeryville, California) will not depart on Sunday and Monday.

The Empire Builder (Chicago-Seattle/Portland) will not depart on Thursday and Friday. The Texas Eagle (Chicago-San Antonio) will not depart on Wednesday and Thursday. The Coast Starlight (Seattle-Los Angeles) will not depart on Wednesday and Thursday).

Among eastern long distance trains, the Capitol Limited (Chicago-Washington) will not depart on Friday and Saturday. The Lake Shore Limited (Chicago-New York/Boston) will not depart on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Crescent (New York-New Orleans) will not depart on Tuesday and Wednesday. The City of New Orleans (Chicago-New Orleans) will not depart on Saturday and Sunday.

Unaffected by the cancellations are the Sunset Limited (New Orleans-Los Angeles) and Cardinal (Chicago-New York), both of which already operate three days a week.

The Silver Star (New York-Miami), Auto Train (Lorton, Virginia-Samford, Florida) and Palmetto (New York-Savannah, Georgia) will continue to operate daily.

The Silver Meteor (New York-Miami) is suspended entirely between Jan. 24 and March 27.

The staggered days of operation mean that for some trains their first day or not operating will occur after Jan. 24.

Cancellations of Hiawatha Service (Chicago-Milwaukee) is as follows: Trains 341 and 342 are cancelled in their entirety starting Jan. 24. Train 329 will operate only on Saturday and Sunday. Train 330 will operate only on Sunday. Train 343 will operate daily except Friday.

All of the service suspensions in the Empire Corridor will occur with trains operating between New York and Albany-Rensselaer, New York. All trains between New York and Niagara Falls, New York, via Buffalo, will continue operating daily.

In Pennsylvania, the New York-Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian will continue operating daily and there are no service suspensions planned for Keystone Service trains between New York and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, via Philadelphia.

Amtral Cancels More Trains Today

January 17, 2022

Amtrak on Sunday posted more service cancellations for Monday (Jan. 17) due to a winter storm in the eastern United States.

Canceled in both directions is the Capitol Limited (Chicago-Washington), making for the third consecutive day that No. 30 has not departed from Chicago. No. 29 last left Washington on Saturday.

The Pennsylvanian from Pittsburgh to New York was canceled as were Keystone Service Nos. 660, 661, 662 and 615 between Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and New York. Keystone Service No. 667 will originate in Philadelphia rather than New York.

Also canceled in both directions are the Vermonter (Washington-St. Albans, Vermont) and Piedmont Service Nos. 73 and 74 (Raleigh, North Carolina-Charlotte, North Carolina).

Ethan Allen Express No. 291 (New York-Rutland, Vermont) will terminate at Albany-Rensselaer, New York. Train 290 will originate in Albany-Rensselaer.

On the Northeast Corridor, Northeast Regional train 99 (Boston-Newport News, Virginia) will terminate in Washington. Northeast Regionals 152 and 189 (Washington-New York) are canceled.

Northeast Regional 156 (Roanoke, Virginia-New York) is canceled as is Train 164 (Richmond, Virginia- Boston. Thus far one cancellation has been posted for Tuesday (Jan. 18). Ethan Allen Express No. 290 will originate at Albany-Rensselaer.