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Reservations Required for Thanksgiving Holiday Travel on Amtrak Pacific Surfliner Trains

November 16, 2022

Travel on Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner trains during the Thanksgiving holiday travel period will require reservations between Nov. 23 and 28.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said that during the period tickets will only be valid for the train for which a passenger has a reservation.

Passengers using a monthly pass or 10-trip ticket must confirm each trip in advance through the Amtrak RideReserve program.

Trips can be confirmed on or the Amtrak app by retrieving your ticket, choosing the date and direction of travel and selecting “confirm” on the train you would like to reserve a seat on.

Passengers can also reserve in advance through an Amtrak customer service agent by calling 800-USA-RAIL or at a staffed station.

Additionally, both Rail2Rail programs (COASTER and Metrolink) will observe a blackout period on the same dates.

Code share Trains 761, 770, 777 and 784 will still accept Metrolink tickets for stations between Los Angeles and Ventura.

The advisory reminded passengers that the tracks remain closed in San Clemente due to stabilization work along the right-of-way.

When traveling to/from San Diego County, a bus connection is required between Oceanside and Irvine. Connections are guaranteed. Limited service is operating to/from San Juan Capistrano.

Get more information on Thanksgiving holiday travel aboard the Pacific Surfliner.

Stabilization Work Begins on Pacific Surfliner Route

November 16, 2022

Track stabilization work has begun on the Southern California route used by Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner service between Los Angeles and San Diego.

The work is being conducted by contractor Condon-Johnson & Associates near San Clemente in Orange County where the tracks run alongside the Pacific Ocean.

The Orange County Transportation Authority said the emergency project seeks to “safely restore passenger rail service as soon as possible.”

That could be as early as late January, but the project timeline expects work to be completed in February.

During the project the authority said project engineers and geotechnical experts will continually monitor the slope next to the track.

“We are attempting to get this emergency work done as quickly as possible with safety continuing to guide all of our actions,” said OCTA Chairman and Mayor of Orange Mark A. Murphy. “Like everyone, we want to see Metrolink and Amtrak Pacific Surfliner [trains] safely running again through this area. At the same time, we need first to ensure the track is no longer moving.”

OCTA officials said the construction timeline is subject to change, depending upon several factors, including securing and manufacturing necessary construction materials and inclement weather.

OCTA officials said in a news release that the agency will continue to review long-term options for protecting the rail line in this area and throughout the coastal region.

Pacific Surfliner Schedules Being Modified

October 28, 2022

Amtrak plans to update the schedules of its Pacific Surfliner service in California on Oct. 31 to reflect the closure of a portion of the route near San Clemente.

The track was closed Sept. 30 due to an unstable hillside adjacent to track used by Amtrak, commuter rail carrier Metrolink and BNSF freight trains.

Amtrak is instituting a bus connection between Irvine and Oceanside for southbound train 562, with train 1562 operating between Oceanside and San Diego.

Trains 770, 774, and 784 will now operate to San Juan Capistrano, although passengers continuing to stops between Oceanside and San Diego should still change to buses at Irvine.

Northbound Train 1567 will operate between San Diego and Oceanside, with a bus connection to train 567 in Irvine, while Trains 777, 581, and 591 will originate in San Juan Capistrano instead of Irvine.

Those trains will continue to wait in Irvine for buses connecting from trains operating between San Diego and Irvine.

Although work has begun to stabilize the hillside, that project is not expected to be completed until early next year.

Surf Line Won’t Reopen Before Mid-January

October 18, 2022

California officials said that it could be mid-January before Amtrak and commuter rail trains can resume operating over track in Orange County that was ordered closed due to erosion.

A news report said the Orange County Transportation Authority has contracted with Condon-Johnson & Associates to perform emergency stabilization work needed along the route, which skirts the Pacific Ocean near San Clemente.

That work could get underway by mid-December and is expected to cost upward of $12 million.

Workers will place 100-foot steel anchors into the bedrock of the adjacent slope to prevent it from continuing to slide toward the ocean.

An inspection found the track has moved as much as 28 inches over the past 13 months.

“We’re in uncharted territory with this emergency stabilization work and, as we’ve said all along, passenger safety is what guides all of our actions,” OCTA Chairman Mark A. Murphy said. “We want this work to get done as soon as possible, but we first need to make sure it’s done right and the slope is secure.”

The route is used by Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner trains and Los Angeles commuter rail operator Metrolink. BNSF freight trains also travel the route.

Amtrak us operating a bus bridge around the affected segment of the route, which was closed on Sept. 30.

California Route Needs Emergency Repairs

October 8, 2022

Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner trains are being replaced by buses on a portion of the route near San Clemente, California, after it was closed due to unstable track conditions.

The bus bridge is operating between Irvine and Oceanside.

The Orange County Transportation Authority declared an emergency this week and launched an effort to stabilize tracks that were gradually sliding toward the Pacific Ocean due to coastline erosion.

The California Transportation Commission has released $6 million for track stabilization n work.

Workers will drive large metal anchors into about 700 feet of the slope adjacent to the tracks to prevent it from pushing the track further toward the coast.

The project also includes vegetation clearing. The work is expected to take 30 to 45 days to complete.

Aside from Amtrak, the line is used by Metrolink commuter trains. BNSF operates freight service along the route.

New Interiors Garnish Pacific Surfliner Cars

October 8, 2022

New interiors have been provided to the passenger cars hosting business class service on Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner route in California.

The 10 original Pacific Surfliner business-class cars built by Alstom in 2000-2002 have been upgraded with new carpeting, curtains, and leather seat upholstery.

The work was done by Amtrak personnel in Los Angeles.

Business class on the route includes wine, snack packs, morning pastries, soft drinks, coffee, and juice served by an attendant.

Puja Thomas-Patel, marketing and communications manager for the Los Angeles-San Diego-San Luis Obispo Rail Corridor Agency, said new seats and seats and cushions use Federal Railroad Administration-approved smoke and flame-resistant material.

Thomas-Patel said afternoon and evening food offerings include s crackers, hummus, cookies, and jerky, with Truly Hard Seltzer recently added to the beverage selection.

All Pacific Surfliner trains in the San Diego-San Luis Obispo corridor offer business class.

Del Mar Bluffs Project Gets State Funding

July 6, 2022

The State of California plans to spend $300 million to relocate the Surf Line between Los Angeles and San Diego further inland.

The money has been described as a “down payment” on the $2.5 billion project to move the tracks used by Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner trains off the Del Mar bluffs along the Pacific Ocean.

Plans call for placement of the former Santa Fe route into a tunnel 80 feet underground about a mile away from the coast.

Aside from Amtrak, the Surf Line is used by BNSF freight trains and Coaster commuter trains. The track is owned by the North County Transit District.

Officials said the state funding will enable the project to compete for federal funding to be used to pay for the project.

Work could begin within three years and be completed by the end of the decade.

The Del Mar Bluffs has been a source of controversy in recent years stemming from various plans advanced to stabilize them.

Another dispute broke out when NCTD said it wanted to install a fence along the tracks to prevent trespassing.

The latter dispute is currently the subject of a U.S. Surface Transportation Board proceeding.

Crossing Issues May Delay Pacific Surfliners, Coast Starlight North of Los Angeles

June 16, 2022

Amtrak has advised that Pacific Surliner trains and the Los Angeles-Seattle Coast Starlight are being subject to delay due to road crossing complications along the route.

The situation began June 16 and Amtrak did not say what those complications are or how long it will take to resolve them.

In a service advisory, the passenger carrier said delays could stretch to 30 minutes per train.

The affected area is between Camarillo and San Luis Obispo. The service advisory said host railroad Union Pacific is working to address the problems.

Pets to be Allowed Aboard Pacific Surfliners

May 19, 2022

Pets will be allowed aboard Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner trains starting May 20.

In a news release, The LOSSAN Agency, which manages the route, said dogs and cats weighing up to 20 pounds may be brought aboard in a carrier which should remain under the passenger’s seat.

Passengers with pets must pay a $26 fee and will be limited to one pet reservation per trip.

“We’re always looking for ways to better serve the needs of our passengers, and allowing pets to come along for the ride is something our customers have expressed a strong interest in,” said Jason Jewell, interim managing director of LOSSAN.

Track Work to Disrupt Some Pacific Surfliners

May 8, 2022

Track work will result in some service disruptions for Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner trains on May 14 and 15.

On May 14 Train 594 will be canceled with alternate transportation being provided on Bus 3594 from Los Angeles to San Diego, serving all missed stops, except San Juan Capistrano.

Also that day Train 595 will be canceled and passengers directed to use Amtrak Thruway Bus 5811 between San Diego and Los Angeles, making all intermediate stops except San Diego Old Town and San Juan Capistrano.

On May 15, Train 562 will be canceled with passengers being directed to take Train 564 which departs Los Angeles at 7:10 a.m.

Also canceled that day is Train 761, between Los Angeles and San Diego. It will operate between Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo. No alternate transportation is being provided between Los Angeles and San Diego.