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Blasting Through Rantoul

July 28, 2020

It’s an early Sunday morning at the Amtrak station in Rantoul, Illinois.

I’m the only person around even through Amtrak’s northbound City of New Orleans will be come through here in a few minutes.

But Trains 58 and 59 don’t stop in Rantoul. Only the state-funded Saluki and Illini between Chicago and Carbondale, Illinois, stop here.

No. 58 is about 15 minutes off schedule as it roars through the Rantoul station. Note the engineer has his hand out the window to wave at the photographer.

It also has two P42DC locomotives up front. Normally, the City of New Orleans operates with a single locomotive.

Ready for a Capitol Experience

March 31, 2020

It’s July 2000 at Washington Union Station and Amtrak’s westbound Capitol Limited is boarding.

I have sleeping car accommodations and am one of the first to board.

I have enough time to walk the platform and make a few images of the train.

Today’s No. 29 will be pulled by the standard two P42DC units, but note the inter-generational liveries.

Lead unit No. 52 is wearing the Phase IV livery while the trailing locomotive sports Phase III colors.