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An Eagle and a Commuter

May 21, 2021

Appearances to the contrary, the train the left is not an Amtrak train. It is a Trinity Railway Express commuter train using leased Amtrak equipment.

That included a pair of F40PH locomotives and two Horizon Fleet coaches.

On the next track over the Texas Eagle is making its daily stop at the Dallas Union Terminal. Note that the Eagle has a new P40 on the point and a veteran F40PH trailing.

When this image was made on March 4, 1997, such mixed motive power consists were not unusual and would continue through the late 1990s until the P42 fleet began arriving.

Ex-Amtrak P40s Rebuilt for CDOT Service

March 13, 2021

Former Amtrak P40 locomotives that were rebuilt at the carrier’s Beech Grove Shops in Indiana have been put into revenue service by the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

CDOT plans to use 12 of the rebuilt Amtrak engines with No. 6711 apparently the first to begin service after being overhauled and repainted.

It was built by GE in 1993 as Amtrak No. 820 and later worked for NJ Transit in Atlantic City service as No. 4803.

CDOT purchased four P40s from NJT and eight others from Amtrak in 2005. The latter units have operated in an Amtrak livery but with a CDOT patch.

The rebuilt locomotives will be used on the Hartford Line and Shore Line East commuter services.

Heading Out of Big D

December 1, 2020

An Amtrak conductor waits to throw a switch as Amtrak’s Texas Eagle leaves Dallas Union Station.

The conductor will reboard the train after the switch is lined back to it normal position.

The image was made on March 5, 1997. At the time P40 locomotives were fairly new and some F40PH locomotives could still be found in motive power consists.

There Goes the Auto Train

June 10, 2020

Like all other long-distance trains, Amtrak’s Auto Train is not as long as it was before the COVID-19 pandemic. But it still makes for an impressive sight with its consist of Superliners and auto carriers.

It is shown passing through Folkston, Georgia, earlier this month.

Railfans in Folkston can also see Amtrak’s Silver Meteor and Silver Star pass through here.

Photograph by Todd Dillon


The Chief Has Arrived

March 26, 2018

The inbound Southwest Chief has arrived from Los Angeles and intermediate points at the bumper post at Chicago Union Station. On ad adjoining track is a corridor train with a former Metroliner cab car facing the station. It is probably one of the Chicago-Detroit line trains.