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Amtrak’s New Magazine Hits the Tracks

October 4, 2016


Amtrak is now distributing its new magazine, The National, onboard its trains.

The free publication is being placed in seatbacks and replaces, Arrive, a magazine that was distributed primarily in the Northeast Corridor.

“We are dedicated to enhancing our customers’ onboard experience, highlighting the unique elements that Amtrak offers and The National does just that,” said Rob Friedman, Amtrak’s vice president of brand management and marketing, in a news release.

Freidman said the magazine will focus on personalities, culture and destinations along Amtrak routes

The first issue of The National features travel essays, fiction, poetry and fine-art photography.

The magazine is produced in New York by Ink, a travel media company.

Amtrak to Launch New On-board Magazine

July 29, 2016

Amtrak is planning to launch a new on-board magazine that will be distributed nationwide and replace its current publication, Arrive.

Amtrak logoThe magazine will be named The National and is part of a marketing effort by Amtrak to portray itself as a more upscale travel brand.

The National is set to launch in October and will be published bimonthly by Ink, a British travel magazine publisher that plans to emphasize beautiful travel photography and long-form journalism.

“It’s much more about Americana, the view from the train, the whole country,” Ink Chief Executive Simon Leslie said. “There will be stories about things going on around the network and stories about people on the train.”

Amtrak’s current magazine Arrive is oriented toward the Northeast Corridor although it has made its way westward on some long-distance trains such as the Lake Shore Limited.

The staff for The National will be based in New York. Ink publishes custom titles for the London-to-Paris Eurostar train service and for American and United airlines

Such publications often involve little to no cost for the carrier and the publisher makes money from advertising sales. In some instances, the carrier gets a cut of the ad revenue.

The carrier is responsible for placing the magazine in seatbacks.