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Amtrak Creates Another Heritage Unit

December 14, 2021

Amtrak has created yet another heritage unit but you’ll need to travel to East Coast to see it.

ACS-64 No. 662 was given a Phase III heritage wrap with a livery similar to what the passenger carrier’s AEM-7 units wore in the 1980s.

No. 662 will be assigned to revenue service in the electrified portions of the Northeast Corridor between Boston and Washington.

The wrap is sponsored by Dovetail Games, which is using the Amtrak 50th anniversary herald in its Train Sim World 2.

The wrap is intended to be short term and expected to remain in place through next May, Amtrak officials said.

To see a photo of No. 662 and to read more visit

Early Morning in Perry, Ohio

June 3, 2019

Amtrak Phase III heritage unit No. 145 has been operating on the Lake Shore Limited between Chicago and Boston in recent weeks.

On many of those trips it was the lead locomotive. Such was the case on May 31 when it led No. 49 and 449 eastward.

Edward Ribinskas got up early to photograph the train at Perry, Ohio, located east of Cleveland.

No. 49 was running on-time and had on the rear private rail car Promontory Point.

Amtrak P42 No. 66 Back in the Day

April 12, 2018

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Amtrak painted a handful of P42 locomotives in past liveries.

P42DC No. 66 received the Phase II livery that Amtrak introduced in 1973 on its RTG Turboliners and a year later on its E60 electric locomotives.

But No. 66 is now out of service, having been damaged on Feb. 19, 2016, when it struck a truck near Joliet, Illinois.

P42DC No. 130 has been tapped to carry on the work of displaying the Phase II livery.

In the photograph above, No. 66 is shown in happier days leading the eastbound Lake Shore Limited near North East, Pennsylvania, on July 31, 2011.

This was the first Amtrak train that I photographed with my then-new Canon DSL camera I had just bought.

I didn’t know that No. 66 would be leading train No. 48. It is always nice to get a pleasant surprise in the viewfinder.

Heritage In Harpers Ferry

January 4, 2018

Amtrak’s westbound Capitol Limited is coming to a stop in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, on July 16, 2014.

On the point is the Phase IV heritage locomotive wearing a livery that was relatively short-lived on Amtrak in its original incarnation.

The locomotive is not the only heritage to be seen on this train. The baggage car is from the Heritage fleet, having served for decades.

Since this image was made, Amtrak has placed in service its Viewliner baggage cars and most of the heritage baggage cars have been retired.

But the oldest thing in this image is the former Baltimore & Ohio passenger station next to the tracks.  It opened in 1889. Today it is used by the National Park Service and also used by Maryland Area Rail Commuter trains from Washington.

Miniature Lake Shore Limited on Display in Toledo

May 8, 2016

Amtrak No. 156 heads a display train at Toledo Central Union Terminal.

Amtrak No. 156 heads a display train at Toledo Central Union Terminal.

Toledo1 May 7-x

Toledo3 May 7-x

Toledo, Ohio, held its annual National Train Day festival on Saturday (May 7) and Amtrak sent a miniature version of the Lake Shore Limited to display.

That included a Viewliner sleeper, an Amfleet II coach, an Amfleet cafe car, a Viewliner baggage car, and P42DC Phase I heritage locomotive No. 156.

The passenger cars were open for public viewing and hundreds of visitors walked through the train.

Amtrak said earlier this year that it would no longer be a sponsor of National Train Day but would continue to provide equipment and its 40th anniversary exhibit train to select events.

The Toledo National Train event has traditionally been held a week before the national date for the event in order to enhance the festival’s chances of obtaining Amtrak equipment for display.

Amtrak 48 Combined With Exhibit Train

May 5, 2016


On Tuesday night, the Amtrak exhibit train was combined with the eastbound Lake Shore Limited.

Here is a 45-minute late No. 48 approaching the new Shamrock Boulevard overpass just west of the Ohio Route 44 overpass in Lake County, Ohio, east of Cleveland.

Leading No. 48 was Phase IV heritage locomotive P42DC No. 184 followed by P40 N o. 822 and NPCU 406, a former F40PH. The latter two units wear the Phase III heritage livery.

The consist of the exhibit train was cars 10020, 10093, 10094, 10095 and 85999, followed by baggage 61032, Viewliner sleepers 62029,62035,62031, Heritage diner 8524, Amfleet lounge car 28004 and Amfleet II coaches 25065, 25117, 25107, 25008 and 25120.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas