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Amtrak Launches New Marketing Campaign

September 15, 2017

Amtrak has launched a new marketing campaign focused on the experience of riding a train.

The campaign’s theme is “Break the Travel Quo”

In a news release, Amtrak said its approach is to take “a lighthearted approach to push against the realities of air and car travel that have become par for the course, juxtaposing commonplace scenarios against the comfort and convenience of Amtrak.

“Not only does Amtrak boast one of the most generous baggage policies in the travel industry – allowing passengers to bring up to four pieces of luggage for free – but the rail company also offers free Wi-Fi, the freedom to use phones and electronic devices at all times, the ability to travel with small pets on many trains, large spacious seats with ample leg room, and no middle seat.”

The marketing campaign is being produced by Amtrak’s ad agency, FCB New York, and began on Thursday.

The campaign is oriented toward local and long distance travel and generally aimed at adults 35 years and older.

However, the campaign also has demographic oriented messages targeting Hispanic, African American, LGBTQ, and Chinese audiences.

The advertising will occur on multiple media platforms and vary regionally, with different messages for certain regions.

Some of the advertisements will be placed in social media and on websites rather than on network or local TV.

Above all Amtrak is seeking to get travelers to think of rail travel as an alternative.

Amtrak has established a website in support of the campaign:

Amtrak Launching Advertising Campaigns

March 11, 2014

Amtrak is launching two new advertising campaigns promoting the National system and Northeast Regional Service.

The campaigns will highlight the choice and benefits consumers have for travel. “The new campaigns offer us the opportunity to feature the benefits and amenities of long-distance trains and the convenience of our Northeast Regional Service,” said Amtrak Chief of Marketing and Advertising Programs John Lee.

The railroad said the national campaign will “showcase the amenities offered by long-distance trains that contribute to a unique and comfortable alternative to automobile road trips.”

The ads will feature headlines such as “A better journey starts with a better ride,” “The art of travel redefined,” “Show the road who is boss,” and “Take a whole new view of travel.”

The new campaign promotes the advantages of rail travel vis-à-vis an automobile, such as private sleeper service, large windows, and wide seats with extra headroom and legroom.

The sign-off for these ads, “Making 500 destinations a far better ride,” speaks to the breadth and connectivity of the Amtrak network, the railroad said. The National campaign will include radio, print, digital, mobile and out of home media elements.

Advertising firm Draftfcb New York worked in conjunction with Amtrak to develop the campaigns.