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Amtrak AEM-7 Going to Illinois Railway Museum

March 2, 2018

A former Amtrak AEM-7 has wound up in the collection of the Illinois Railway Museum’s collection.

The electric motor was ferried this week from Washington to Chicago by the Capitol Limited. It is not known when the unit will make the final 50-mile trip to Union, Illinois, where the museum is located.

The unit, No. 945, is one of 54 built by EMD at its LaGrange assembly plant. It was released from the factory in 1982 and is not one of the 29 AEM-7s converted to AC traction motors in 2000-2002.

No. 945 will need to be rewired to be compatible with the museum’s 600 volt DC overhead system.


Amtrak Sends AEM-7s West on Capitol Limited

July 12, 2017

Online reports indicate that Amtrak sent two AEM-7 electric locomotives west on Tuesday to Chicago via the Capitol Limited.

The locomotives Nos. 928 and 942, have been retired from service and are reportedly being sent to the railroading testing center near Pueblo, Colorado. It is clear what purpose the locomotives will serve at the testing center.

The motors pulled an AEM-7 farewell excursion from Washington to Philadelphia in June 2016.
The locomotives were built by EMD between 1978 and 1988 in LaGrange, Illinois, and later rebuilt by Amtrak.