Racing North Near Leverett

To appreciate this image it probably helps if you grew up in a place with a lot of flat farmland.

Shown is Amtrak’s City of New Orleans racing northbound toward Chicago near Leverett, Illinois, shortly after sunrise on a Sunday morning.

No. 58 was more than an hour behind schedule leaving Champaign. The train is on the Chicago Subdivision of Canadian National, which at one time was the mainline of the Illinois Central between Chicago and New Orleans.

As for what I, an east central Illinois native, see in this photograph, I see familiarity. There are no striking physical features such as mountains and valleys, just farmland and in the distance traces of urbanization in Champaign-Urbana. Above the Superliner cars you also can see the top of the grain elevator at Leverett.

This is all familiar to me and in a way comforting.

I would not have been able to get this image had No. 58 been on time as it would have been dark as it passed through here. It was a nice way to get a day of railfanning off to a good start.

If you look closely, you will see there is frost on the crossties of the CN track. Temperatures were in the 20 when I made this photograph on a winter morning.

I later checked and determined No. 58 halted at Chicago Union Station 58 minutes late.

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One Response to “Racing North Near Leverett”

  1. Kelly Edwards Says:

    C. Sanders. Greatly appreciate to get this (your) email. I thought I had lost contact with you. Your hometown, L. In all my years traveling Route 45 from Vienna to Crete, I never knew a town of yours existed. Only got to ride SuperLiners on trains 48, 49? – #’s have changed? Once I rode City of NO, a RT to Memphis. I strongly recommend Amtrak add Martin Tn & close Fulton KY. UT-Martin has a steadily growing student body. I read Illinois DOT picks up most of the subsidy to Memphis. I see a daily increase in ridership by adding Martin, with its weekly riders adding to Amtrak’s badly needed revenues. kelly e

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