Multi-Ride Tickets Need Travel Confirmation

Amtrak passengers who use monthly, 10-ride or six-ride tickets will be required to confirm each of their trips aboard trains that require reservations starting Sept. 14.

Amtrak said the program, known as Amtrak RideReserve, will require multi-ride passengers to notify the carrier of their intent to ride on, the Amtrak app or with an Amtrak agent before boarding.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said the program enable it to better enforce physical distancing, ensure a seat onboard for each passenger, and account for every passenger traveling with a multi-ride ticket prior to boarding.

Amtrak said multi-ride ticket passengers will be notified via email, text and push travel notifications like gate and track notifications, delay notifications, schedule changes and disruption notices.

The program also applies to Amtrak Thruway bus services.

Confirmation may be made up to 14 days before travel and as late as the scheduled departure through or the Amtrak app, or until actual departure via an Amtrak agent.

Up to two confirmations per travel day are allowed, once in each direction.

Confirmations must be made between the origin and destination selected while purchasing the pass and are not available on sold out trains.

Rides will continue to be deducted from multi-ride ticket when a ticket is scanned onboard.

Amtrak RideReserveĀ confirmations do not deduct rides from multi-ride tickets for passengers with a disability, those who want to upgrade and those who want to carry on additional items will continue to book a reservation through an agent.

RideReserve confirmations may be canceled through, the Amtrak app or an Amtrak agent until actual departure without penalty.

Current multi-ride ticket refund rules will continue to apply.

The advisory noted that 100ride tickets are no longer transferable on the Heartland Flyer and Amtrak Cascades

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