Veteran Amtrak Ticket Agent Retires

A veteran Amtrak ticket agent has sold his last ticket.

Garland Harper, 67, retired on July 24 after working as an Amtrak ticket agent for 45 years, most recently in Lynchburg, Virginia.

He told a Virginia newspaper that working as a ticket agent was a dream job. He said that during his childhood he enjoyed watching trains pass by and dreamed of working for a railroad.

“I’ll miss it,” he told the newspaper. “Once railroad gets into your blood it’s hard to get out.”

Harper joined Amtrak in 1975, serving as the agent in Williamson, West Virginia, when the Chicago-Norfolk Mountaineer began service.

In Lynchburg he usually worked the evening shift. Aside from selling tickets and providing information about Amtrak’s trains, Harper also greeted passengers, made sure they had all of their luggage before leaving the station and directed them to nearby bus station and waiting taxis.

Sometimes he would help some individuals find safe shelter for the night.

“A lot of customer service, in my opinion, is just the golden rule,” Harper said. “Treat people like you want to be treated. No question is too dumb.”

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