Law Firm Hired to Probe Negative News Suppression

A consulting firm working with the California High Speed Rail Authority has hired a law firm to conduct an independent investigation into allegations that the agency retaliated against employees for reporting negative information.

The investigation follows a news report that several current and former officials with the consulting firm were told they were told to suppress negative news.

In an unrelated development, CHSRA said it will release the first project-level Draft Environmental Document for a project section in Northern California.

The document covers the 90-mile extent of the 145-mile San Jose to Merced Project Section from Scott Boulevard in Santa Clara to Carlucci Road in Merced County.

CHSRA is accepting public comment starting on the report through June 8.

The San Jose to Merced Project Section will connect Silicon Valley and the Central Valley of the state.

Communities served include Santa Clara, San Jose, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, and Los Banos.

The project comprises high-speed rail system infrastructure, high-speed rail stations at San Jose Diridon and Gilroy, a maintenance of way facility either south or southeast of Gilroy, and a maintenance of way siding west of Turner Island Road in the Central Valley.

Stations at San Jose Diridon and Gilroy would provide links with regional and local mass transit.

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