Meetings Held in Minnesota, North Dakota to Public Increase Interest, Support for Daylight Amtrak Service

Meetings were held in Fargo, North Dakota; and Moorhead, Minnesota, on Oct. 30 to push for daylight rail passenger service to those cities.

The meetings were conducted by All Board Minnesota and drew 120 people including some state legislators from both states.

Frank Loetterle of the Minnesota Department of Transportation State Rail Office said the state legislature would need to fund the planning process to start a new train.

He said that process would take approximately four years.

Leaders of All Aboard Minnesota said that community groups and residents need to contact their state legislators to lobby for funding for MnDOT’s planning for this new service.

The rail passenger advocacy group also discussed the economic and mobility benefits that additional passenger rail could offer.

They also gave an overview of the proposed additional service between the Twin Cities and Chicago, saying it could be extended to Fargo/Moorhead.

Fargo is a stop for Amtrak’s Chicago-Seattle/Portland Empire Builder, but is scheduled to arrive between midnight and 5 a.m.

Nos. 7 and 8 do not make station stops in Moorhead, which is adjacent to Fargo.

The event was the fifth held by All Aboard Minnesota in the past 18 months in an effort to  promote more rail service and generate public interest and support.

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