Assigned Seating Set For NE Regional Business Class

Starting in January passengers will be able to choose their preferred seat aboard business class sections of Northeast Regional trains.

In a news release, Amtrak said the service will allow families, friends and colleagues to sit together.

Seat assignment in business class on Northeast Regional trains will begin on trains departing on or after Jan. 11.

A similar program has been has been in operation for Acela first class passengers since February 2018.

Amtrak said that seats are automatically assigned when a passenger makes a reservation.

To select a preferred seat, a passenger can change their assigned seat at any time before boarding via an interactive seat map on Amtrak’s mobile app, at, or with a ticket agent.

There is no fee to choose or change a seat assignment.

Amtrak said it is considering adding seat assignment options on additional trains, but did not specify which ones.

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One Response to “Assigned Seating Set For NE Regional Business Class”

  1. Rail Provocateur Says:

    This is not news, as it reads more like ‘Back to the Future.’ For how many decades prior to Amtrak (1971) did the private railroads provide specific seats in coach on their long distance trains? This was accomplished before computers using paper consists on spindles accessed by the reservation agents by phone. For parlor, a wait list would be maintained to enable the railroad to add a second parlor during heavy holiday travel.

    Not only did the railroads identify specific cars to destinations on their day trains, but also operate “short” coaches on their long distance trains to accommodate travelers going a short distance, e.g., CHI-STP on the “North Coast Limited.”

    On the “NE Regionals,” business class is just another coach several cars forward from the cafe.

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