Erie Amtrak Station Getting a Makeover

The owner of the Amtrak station in Erie, Pennsylvania, is renovating the facility, which is plagued by peeling wallpaper, broken flooring and other structure issues.

Logistics Plus, which owns the former Union Station, has already repainted and cleaned up the front door and entrance, and installed new lighting in the hallway and waiting room.

Workers also have replaced the old flooring in the bathrooms with new floor tiles.

The company is working with a mechanical engineering firm to update the HVAC system and the specifications will be sent to bid with the contractors.

A company official told Erie News Now that once the HVAC work is completed, work will begin on renovating the lobby and walkways.

The HVAC system must be overhauled before other repairs can be made.

Other planned work includes securing the man doors and replacing the front entrance cement, and replacing the platform doors and adding bars for protection.

New signs will be added and once the work is completed the station will be compliant with ADA standards.

Much of the renovation work is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The Logistics Plus official said the facelift is needed to provide a more positive image of Erie to visitors who arrive or leave the city by train.

Erie is served by Amtrak’s Chicago-New York/Boston Lake Shore Limited.

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