Access to Maricopa Station Changed

A highway construction project has resulted in the blocking of the normal access route to the Amtrak station in Maricopa, Arizona.

In a service advisory Amtrak said the opening of a new Arizona Route 347 overpass joining John Wayne Parkway and North Maricopa Road has resulted in the closing of the railroad crossing next to the Maricopa station is now closed.

Access roads to and from the station, as well as surrounding roads, are under construction and have significantly changed.

Electronic mapping apps do not reflect the changes and may show incorrect directions to the station, which is served by Amtrak’s Sunset Limited.

Northbound vehicles are being advised to make a U-turn at Edison Road to access businesses and the station on Hathaway Avenue and the new Maricopa Road.

Southbound vehicles should stay in the right lane to merge on to the new Maricopa Road to access businesses.

Drivers can now access businesses south of the railroad tracks on the new Maricopa Road.

The former Route 347 alignment between Hathaway Avenue and just south of Honeycutt Avenue is being renamed Maricopa Road as a result of the overpass project. New street signs will be installed when the project is complete.

For more information on this project visit:

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