Future of Amtrak Travel?

I was driving westbound on Interstate 70 back in August 2011 near the Ohio-Indiana border when I spotted what looked like a part of a Talgo train being toted on a flatbed truck.

I was able to get past the vehicle and determine that it was, indeed, part of a Talgo train.

I was able to get ahead of the truck, duck into a rest stop and grab a photograph as it went by.

Why it was out there I don’t know. Maybe it was headed for the Amtrak shops in Beech Grove, Indiana.

But I don’t think Talgo equipment is serviced there.

At any rate, it occurred to me that some at Amtrak might think this would be one way to deal with the hassles of working with host railroads.

Put passenger cars on trucks and let them travel by road.

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