Developer South for Charlotte Station

The Charlotte Area Transit System is seeking developers to build the Gateway Station, which Amtrak is expected to use.

The facility is envisioned as a mixed-use development and transportation hub in uptown Charlotte.

Work on tracks, signals, bridges and a platform began a year ago.

The project goal is to create a multimodal transit station that would consolidate Amtrak service, bus stations, and access to the future light rail and streetcar lines at a 13.9-acre site near Graham and Fourth streets.

The property there is owned by the city and the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

A request for proposals said the facility must have a 2,000-square-foot local and express bus facility; a 27,000-square-foot rail station, including an estimated 100 parking spaces; a pedestrian connection between the station and the platform; a minimum of 40 affordable housing units; and a multi-use path across the site with a connection to retail and businesses on Graham Street.

The city will contribute between $13 million to $17.5 million to the project while CATS has $6.5 million from a Federal Transit Administration grant that can be used toward the cost of construction of the bus facility.

Developer proposals are due Sept. 11 and officials . Officials are aiming to finalize the development agreement by late summer/early fall of 2020.

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