Not Much Breakfast to be had in Diner Dover

Amtrak began putting Viewliner dining cars built by CAF USA into service not longer before it stopped offering full service dining aboard the Lake Shore Limited in favor of what it termed “fresh and contemporary” meal service.

At the time that service launched in June 2018, no hot meal offerings were offered. Everything served was prepared off the train.

Since then hot food had made a sort of comeback on the Lake Shore Limited and Capitol Limited.

Breakfast now includes a breakfast sandwich of ham, egg and cheddar cheese served on a ciabatta roll that an attendant can heat for you in a microwave oven.

I imagine that one or more passengers were having that sandwich as the westbound Lake Shore passed through Olmsted Falls, Ohio, near Cleveland on the morning I made this image.

It wasn’t a hot, freshly prepared meal created by a chef aboard the train, but I suppose it was better than the alternative of breakfast bars.

Dover, like most of the Viewliner diners, is named after a state capitol city. Like many of those capitols, Dover is not on the Amtrak route map.

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One Response to “Not Much Breakfast to be had in Diner Dover”

  1. Cliff Edwards Says:

    Amtrak Pres. aside, has there been a report done, showing a drop in first class bookings on trains that previously had a full service diner, that now still runs minus this amenity? Keeping the full service diner: Likely pays its way, with excess revenue plowed back into Amtrak’s coffers. People boarding in the Boston area heading for the West Coast, make a reservation months in advance is a positive in Amtrak’s coffer 6-9 months, knowing they’ll have First Class travel all the way to the Pacific.

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