Penn Station Work Begins Friday

The next phase of track renewal work at New York Penn Station will begin on Friday, Jan. 5. Modified schedules will go into effect on Jan. 8, but none of the changes affect any Amtrak-long distance trains.

Most of the work is being done on weekends and the project is expected to be finished by May 28. The revised schedule includes:

  • Amtrak cancelled Northeast Regional Trains 110 from Washington to New York Penn Station and 127 from New York to Washington.
  • Northbound Keystone Train 640 is terminating at Newark Penn Station.
  • Southbound Keystone Train 643 is originating at Newark Penn Station.
  • Southbound Train 173 is stopping at Newark Airport station.
  • Southbound Trains 129, 193 and 653 all have earlier departure times.
  • Train 170 is also departing Washington early, is stopping at North Philadelphia and Cornwells Heights and resuming its schedule from Trenton

The latest work is being undertaken near Track 15 and requires a section of concrete demolition and replacement that is similar to the work on Track 10 done last summer.

Work is also being done on Track 18, which requires localized concrete demolition with complex steel hardware replacement and rail renewal.

Amtrak said in a news release that it is renewing and replacing three turnouts in “C” Interlocking, which directs Amtrak and Long Island Rail Road trains to routes heading east and to Sunnyside Yard.


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