Martinsburg to get Improved Station Facilities

Amtrak is planning upgrades to its station in Martinsburg, West Virginia, including a new boarding platform and better access for disabled Amtrak passengers

Construction of the new 12-foot wide concrete platform, along with signage, lighting, and a wheelchair-lift enclosure could begin this spring and take 16 months to complete.

The changes will be reviewed on Jan. 8 by the Martinsburg Historic Preservation Review Commission.

A site-plan review by the Martinsburg Planning Commission is expected to be conducted in February.

The review is needed because the work will occur near the historic Baltimore & Ohio roundhouse in Martinsburg.

The platform will be built on the east side of tracks owned by CSX. It will be 440 feet in length and sit 8 inches above the rails. An existing existing asphalt center platform will be removed and new fencing installed.

Martinsburg is served by Amtrak’s Chicago-Washington Capitol Limited.

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